Episode 99: Junebug’s Modern Day Fairy Tales

Jul 21, 2010 by


It’s a bit late in the year for june bugs, it being nearly August and all… but never too late if you like the midwestern tunes!  junebug logoAnthony and Tony (not the same person, we’ll discuss in the interview) from the band Junebug are on the show this week and we’re spinning some exclusive tracks from their new album Modern Day Fairy Tales that you can grab from their website, Junebugmusic.com.

And yes, apologies to the live broadcast listeners of this show – or those who tried to listen – as there were problems down the line.  However, I can nearly guarantee that next week’s Episode 100 will go off without a hitch as it will be broadcast from Maple Street Studios as I sort out Savoy Studio’s internet broadcasting capabilities.

Track of the Week this week comes to us from the extremely talented band Brave Chandeliers.  They had just sent me their song “Madmen” and notified me that it was available for free download from their website BraveChandeliers.com and after hearing it it instantly became TOTW.  Great stuff guys.

As for the rest of the playlist…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 99: Junebug’s Modern Day Fairy Tales

Title Album Artist
Flipside Ulysses Goh Nakamura
Coffeelocks Home Gavin Castleton
Monsoon Love Monsoon Love Projekt
The Good & The Bad The Good & The Bad MelonHeadMan
Hillbilly Martini Eyes Lorraine Leckie
>>TOTW!  Madmen Put Away the Camera Brave Chandeliers
Mr Mandela   Trenton and Free Radical
Behind the Shades From Another Planet Fundamental Skillz
California Here To Remind You Dirty Proper
My Love My Cigarette Historical Fiction Kennedy Bakery
Old Fashioned Girl Kill or Cure EP Alice Rock
The Fellowship We Are… Cha-Cha
Disco Balls at Funerals   Sierra Alpha
All The Time   Zalinski
02 Guatemala Listen Emanuel and The Fear
I Just Want Your Body Dark Room Hot Fiction
Modern Day Fairy Tales Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug
>>Interview with Tony and Anthony of Junebug!
I’m a Bad Mamma Jamma (Who Works at Wendy’s) Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug
Jumpstart My Rocket Modern Day Fairy Tales Junebug

That’s it!  See you on Wednesday (or thereafter you podcast crazies) for Episode 100!!




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