Episode 97: Authentic Nadas

Jun 30, 2010 by


That’s right, we’ve got Iowa natives The Nadas on the show this week talking about their music, their lovely home lives, and their indie record label, Authentic Records.

Also on this week’s show is the second-to-last Scudley Sessions (at least, played on The JW Show, if you ask nicely Peter may continue them on his new show, Close to Nowhere.)  Peter is joined by Leah Grant and has some excellent tunes and stories to share.

No track-of-the-week this week, but we’ve got a recap of the Enfield Music Festival, bringing some great new music to the show.

As for what else is on the show…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 97: Authentic Nadas

Title Album Artist
How Can It Be Wrong Nick Tann Nick Tann
Heroes & Villains (acoustic version) The Compass Projekt
Wasted The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 Mostly
The Breeding Lady Kill or Cure EP Alice Rock
Pockets Black Ka’kari EP Black Ka’kari
Cause and Affect A negative response to change 9Blind
Veil Of Leaves The Weight Of Days Trucida
Bitter Love Almanac The Nadas
Interview with Jason and Mike The Nadas
Crystal Clear Almanac The Nadas
Home Is Where The Heart Is Gimme What you Got Slo Mo featuring Mic Wrecka
Fifteen Sixteen EP The Apple War
All The Time Unreleased Zalinski
Thump Dark Room Hot Fiction
Leah Grant Scudley Sessions 9 Peter Renzullo
Art of Living Twilight Via Dove

I’m going to be running the Friday Forum next week, which means I’ll have piles of tunes to play next week.  Pop some in the submission box and I’ll get them on!

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