Episode 96: Is This Thing On?

Jun 23, 2010 by


Nick Tann from Is This Thing On Podcast joins us to talk about ‘casting, music-ing, and why playing without an amplifier can actually amplify your listeners at live events.  Cool, huh?

Track of the Week is from the former bass player for Wild Cherry, Allan Wentz (you know… Play that Funky Music White Boy…?) as he’s doing some fantastic electronica tunes now and keeping it all independent and fantastic.  Fantastic is the word, I think…!

Lots of new stuff keeps rolling in, more great tunes to follow!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 96: Is This Thing On?

Name :: Album :: Artist

  1. Solstice :: The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 :: Mostly
  2. Evelyn’s Green :: Wasted Love Songs :: She Swings, She Sways
  3. The Girl From Tallahassee :: Zalinski
  4. Sound It Out :: SALT :: The Locals
  5. Happiness :: Window Seat To Hell :: Ferocity Lights
  6. Robotic Perfection :: Kill or Cure EP :: Alice Rock
  7. Don’t Give Up :: Finishing What I Started :: ERATH
  8. TOTW!>> Psychotic (Hello Syd) :: Norman :: Allen Wentz
  9. Goin Nowhere :: FeelGood :: FeelGood
  10. All :: Ri-solv :: Mahri Autumn
  11. Son of a King :: Transitions :: JKLMNO
  12. Memphis Train :: Archaeologist :: Ami Saraiya
  13. Interview with Nick Tann!
  14. Nick Tann :: How Can It Be Wrong?
  15. Burnt Out Car :: Ghost :: Matt Stevens
  16. Nick Tann :: Jackie Who (studio)
  17. Good You Got Away :: Doomed To Be Beautiful :: Tom Caulfield
  18. Don’t Make Me Wait :: Don’t Make Me Wait :: Nick Tann
  19. Yummy :: VIOLIN/DRUM/VOICE. EP :: Taylor Rankin

Next week we’ve got a great interview with thriving independent musicians/record label owners The Nadas!  See you then.



  1. Do you think I said enough?

  2. Mark

    I enjoyed the interview format. Loved Ami Saraiyn. Did you know you played her song twice? The last song from VIOLIN/DRUM/VOICE never played!

    Mark from St. Petersburg, FL

  3. Thanks Mark, we will just have to play more Taylor in the upcoming shows. 🙂