Episode 95: Inside My Head

Jun 16, 2010 by


inside-my-head-podcastThe very wonderful Jen from the Inside My Head Podcast joined us this week for a great show, and she brought some of the music along.  It was great chatting with her and having her on as she’s got quite the width and breath of independent music knowledge.

Track of the Week is from another upcoming interview subject – The Nadas.  We’ll hear more about them, from them, etc… next week but do have a click over in their direction and check out just how they recorded their most recent album, Almanac.

And… oh!  It’s playlist time.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 95: Inside My Head

Title Album Artist
The Breeding Lady Kill or Cure EP Alice Rock
Bein’ in Love The Fish Don’t Mind Skeletons With Flesh On Them
Guatemala Listen Emanuel and The Fear
Confidence 3 Songs Kicks and Spurs
TOTW! Crystal Clear Almanac The Nadas
call me alphabet Your heart is ready for home pareto
Interview! Jen from Inside My Head Podcast phantompower.org
Bright Red Chords Nagasha Loomis & The Lust
Static Hands The Body Rampant The Body Rampant
Sweet Turpentine The Shamblers The Shamblers
Light in my Hand Aiming Too High The Johnny Starlings
Whiskey Sea Whiskey Sea The Wedding Industrial Complex
Smile Be Brave Field
Lights of Sunday For Tomorrow (2010 Edition) Emerald Park
Sobriety Up And Left Let This Be The Last Night We Care Alcoholic Faith Mission
Megan Jordan Scudley Sessions Number 8 Peter Renzullo

Cheers!  Next week it’s Nick Tann from many places including the Is This Thing on Podcast.



  1. “The Breeding Lady” song was amusing. The song by Kicks and Spurs was fantastic! And I was captivated by the song by The Nadas, and also the song by Alcoholic Faith Mission. Great music!

    Thank you for having me on your show! That was really fun! 😀

    And I always enjoy hearing The Scudley Sessions.

  2. Thanks for having Jen on your show! Some really great music here. Also good to hear the Scudley Sessions. Peter Renzullo rules.