Episode 94: Running for Buses

Jun 9, 2010 by


My... Car is a Bus

I was speaking to Tom (from a little band called Projekt) about running for buses the other day and we both admitted to doing this.  In fact, I’ve worn out my shoes a few times this week doing just this.  I must ALSO admit, that I laugh at those who are in this situation when I’m sat comfortably on the bus, and there’s no better place to do this laughing then from atop a London double-decker.

Track of the Week this week was from the up-and-coming rock duo Alice Rock and they do… rock!  Very quirky, interesting, and fun.

That’s it from me – just music this week…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 94: Running for Buses

Title Album Artist
The Cruel One Summer House Gold Motel
Archaeologist Archaeologist Ami Saraiya
On & On & On Norman Allen Wentz
Talk About Drunk Like Bible Times Dear and the Headlights
Chips ‘n’ Gravy Kill or Cure EP Alice Rock
All My Love In Vain Dark Room Hot Fiction
Jimme’s Song (Full Band Version) Listen Emanuel and The Fear
Abigail Adams I Don’t Want To Dream The City And Horses
Call Me Almanac The Nadas
Yer Goin’ Down Live at Sidewalk NYC [FREE CD] Allison Weiss
Away From Here SALT The Locals
My Name RED HOT Ivory Tower Project
Spectator Carrie Haber Carrie Haber
The Compass The Compass Projekt
Cosmonaut Hey Girl Giant Wow
Old Man By Hook and By Crook Shabby Rogue
Lights of Sunday For Tomorrow Emerald Park
Into The Sea Ghost Matt Stevens
The End Shady Retreat Peasant
All This To Say All This To Say Sleeping At Last
I’m The Enforcer Be Brave Field
Jackson The Learning Curve Man or Mouse
Cigarette Song It’s Boring Being In Control Jon Byrne
Talk the Talk Streets of Mercy (Volume III) Titty Bingo

That’s it!  Next week we’ve got Jen from the Inside My Head Podcast (among other things) and another Scudley Sessions, as we near the end of this wonderful series.

See you at 7.  GMT.  Pete’s first, then me, then Rodrigo.


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  1. I really liked the “On & On & On” song, and the “All My Love In Vain” song. The “Call Me” song was just lovely!
    And it was totally awesome to hear Giant Wow on your show! I really like them.

    Chips and Gravy? I’m not sure I’d like to eat that.

    Thanks for saying such nice things about me and my Inside My Head podcast on your show today. 😀