Episode 93: Stupidphone

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old-cellphone2Right!  One more day before I get to grab up one of the so-called “smartphones” which then I would assume that the mobile phone I have now is a “stupidphone”?  I must say, I’ve been drooling over a few specific phones as I’m excited to write some emails and update the Facebook profile on the bus, as I seem to spend so much time on buses lately.

Right!  Great stuff on the show this week.  Mark Riley from the band Mostly, Enfield Music dot com, not to mention a fine gentlemen is on the show this week… as well as another great Scudley Session!  Salv joins Peter Renzullo at Scudley Records Studios for a very interesting session.  These are always a treat.

mahri-autumn-ri-solvTrack of the Week this week goes to Mahri Autumn‘s new release Re-Solv and her track, Moon.  The album’s available to purchase for what you want, so pop over and grab it… for free even!  (But you’ll want to spend a bit… won’t you?)

Lastly, the third track tonight comes from the Minneapolis band Vaudeville.  It’s pre-release and they’re offering it for free if you pop over to their Reverbnation site.

Right… Playlist!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 93: Stupidphone

Title Album Artist
Perfect Carrie Haber Carrie Haber
All The Time Single Zalinski
Treason (Seeing the Truth) Treason – Single Vaudeville
>> TOTW!! Moon Ri-solv Mahri Autumn
Highschoolalloveragain Wired For Sound Certain Stars
Jan.: Bitter Love Almanac The Nadas
Cast Iron Arm   Oh! Gunquit
T Blood Don’t Feed You Mutant Vinyl
Set You Free EP One The Trippers
Jared’s Blues Demo Strange Folks
Not A Machine The Fetts The Fetts
Walk Away Cooper Cobra Lily Sparks
All or Nothing The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 Mostly
>> Interview with Mark Riley of Enfield Music and ‘Mostly’
Wasted The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 Mostly
The Polka   The Gin Riots
Jared’s Blues   Strange Folks
Disarray Underneath it All Jacob Robin
Perfume Recharged Radio Bands in the Basement Vol 1 Karim Fanous
White Door Breaking the Spell Nuala Dalton
>> Scudley Session 7: Salv Salv / Peter Renzullo
Move On Blues Been Gone Too Long – Ref 11/13 The Snake Charmers

Thanks for a great week back at the mic!  Live again next week, make sure you get here for 7pm so you can hear Peter’s “Close to Nowhere”.



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  1. I recognize the bands Treason and Zalinski. I’ve played both those bands on my show.

    “High School All Over Again”…. terrifying idea! But, wow! That was an excellent and catchy song!

    I also though the Gin Riots rocked.

    This is the first episode of the Justin Wayne show I have listened to. You play excellent music!
    I didn’t realize that The Scudley Sessions were a part of your show. I’m a fan of Peter Renzullo, so it was a nice surprise to hear him in this podcast.

    I am now subscribed 🙂


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