Episode 91: For Jamie

May 12, 2010 by


It’s Jamie’s birthday so let’s see if we can’t get her to listen to an entire show!  I’ve tried really hard – which means you’ll most likely enjoy this week’s show as well.  It’ll be a birthday gift for Jamie that will be a gift to all of you listeners as well.

titty bingo sign winnerAlso, we’ve got the results of the Twitter/Facebook Titty Bingo giveaway!   This is straight from Randy at TB Headquarters…

“Winner of the 3 CD Set: @TheDavidBowers.

Winner of a hat/stickers/DL’s: @MaryTMusic

The drawing was done scientifically. Names were put into an acoustic guitar. I had my sidekick, Bingo Boy, shake and shake and shake the guitar until a name dropped out.  I have photos of the process.”

Congratulations to both David and Mary!  And, if you fancy getting in on the next prize contest get following us on Twitter and Facebook!  A big thanks to Randy and Titty Bingo for providing all the prizes and some great support.  We’ll be doing more with them in the future, no doubt.

Also if there are any other artists looking to do some giveaways like this one (or something different) get in touch.  We’re gonna start doing some fun “finish the lyric line for a digital download” contest in the coming weeks, so get on it!

Right… Jamie’s birthday show… Playlist…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 91: For Jamie

Track Name :: Album :: Artist

  1. I’ll Be Yours :: Something In My Soul :: Chad Neaves
  2. Transcontinental ::Oh Atoms
  3. Highschoolalloveragain :: Wired For Sound :: Certain Stars
  4. Little Angel :: Volume II :: Titty Bingo
  5. Feb.: Long Goodbye :: Almanac :: The Nadas
  6. Bridges :: Bridges :: Windsor Drive
  7. What’s Your Face :: Victoria and Jacob
  8. TOTW!>> Come With Me :: Strange Day In Mexico :: The Clintons
  9. Sex On The Radio :: Strange Day In Mexico :: The Clintons
  10. Small Potatoes :: The Church of Steve Honest :: Robert Batley
  11. Where are We Today? ::  Cooper Cobra :: Lily Sparks
  12. Heroes and Villians :: Produkt0001 :: Projekt
  13. Stranger in Nowhere Land :: Stranger in Nowhere Land :: Alex Apodaca
  14. Come Clean :: Vampire Hotel :: Chris Kirby
  15. Let the Woman :: Let the Woman :: Andy Davis
  16. Scudley Sessions Ep 5 :: Siobony ::  Peter Renzullo
  17. Blues Away :: Recharged Radio Bands in the Basement Vol 1 :: John Drake
  18. Old Traditions :: These Old Traditions :: Stevie and the Moon
  19. Colours :: Stack Of Fears :: Brenn
  20. High Expectations :: Constance Lansberg :: Constance Lansberg
  21. Little Girl :: Black Circles
  22. The Story I Heard :: 3 Rounds And A Sound :: Blind Pilot
  23. Static Waves (Feat Katie Herzig) :: The Ladder :: Andrew Belle

Back next week with another Scudley Session and a great interview with the up-and-coming piano rock band Windsor Drive.  See you then.