Episode 90: Bingo!

May 5, 2010 by


Titty BingoThat’s right, it’s our first official WIN STUFF show!  And you can still win (if it’s before Saturday morning.)  I’ll tell you how.

But first… Track of the Week

This week it had to be The Compass from Projekt.  We’ve been waiting for this release for a good while now and I, personally, am excited to send you out to buy it.  Head over to iTunes and grab a copy: Purchase “The Compass” by Projekt in iTunes.

Want something for free?

All you gotta do is add both Titty Bingo and the JW Show to your Twitter feeds and retweet a message.  Here’s your checklist:

  1. Follow @tittybingo
  2. Follow @justinwayneshow
  3. Retweet this:  WIN! @tittybingo 3CD set, stickers, mp3s on @justinwayneshow! RT to enter – before Sat to WIN!

That’s it.  Easy peasy.

If for some reason you don’t have a twitter account, then drop me an email and we’ll help you out.  Maybe this is a good enough reason to GET a Twitter account.

Also, David Couch has just written a great review of All the Other Animals, the most recent Skeletons with Flesh on Them release.  Go read his review.  We played a few SWFOT tracks on the show, too.

What else did we play on the show?

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 90: Bingo!

Title Album Artist
Trail of Destruction All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them
Solstice The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 Mostly
With No Certainty Victoria and Jacob
Build Your Hearts The Church with Steve Honest Jespa
Airplane peter comes from neverland EP peter comes from neverland
The Compass The Compass Projekt
Beetroot What your hand cant hold Crow Road
Windows Life With the Buffalo Curtis Evans and Our Friends Electric
nothing major Your heart is ready for home pareto
The Polka The Gin Riots
Coffee Beatnik Turtle
If I Was A Girl (re-mix) Cellophane Flowers
Talk the Talk Streets of Mercy (Volume III) Titty Bingo
Stars Cooper Cobra Lily Sparks
WalkSlow Free Mp3 of the Month Black Lab
Autumn Girl Hot Fiction Demo Hot Fiction
Broken Compass Oh The Places You’ll Go Lights Out Dancing
Level Up Sugar and Snarls Volcanoes
Lala The Crystal Submarine The Helmholtz Resonators
Puppies n’ Kittens Master MP3s (small files) Sam Squared
Hang My Head The Worrymen The Worrymen
Factory Song All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them
I’m The Enforcer       Be Brave       Field
Perfect Misty Odell Misty Odell
Dizzy American Dizzy American Ryan Rebo
Ocean Passage Projekt Projekt
gordon brown Sixty Second Silence

Thanks again, we’ll have more Scudley Sessions and possibly a really exciting interview next week!  See you then.



  1. Sam

    great stuff guys! always great music!

  2. Lily Sparks

    Thanks so much! Sorry we missed out on winning stuff. 🙁 But I’m sure you guys have more stuff up your sleeves for the future. Great show – lots of variety! Cheers, LS

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