Episode 89: Stop Being Important…

Apr 29, 2010 by


…and start being interesting.  Great advice from some of these new “social media gurus” and such types of people.  But, be that as it may, I think it’s great advice and I am very glad that we’ve reached a time where technology makes us that much more accountable for what we do.  It’s not enough to just SAY that you’re interesting, you have to SHOW it.  DO it.

Soap box.

We’ve got some special things happening on the show this week including tracks from the up and coming sessions with Steve Honest near Old Street.  We’re calling them “The Church with Steve Honest” and it should be great fun.  Watch this space (although I hate it when people say that) for more info on that one.

Track of the Week

This week the band Mostly bring us a track from their just released live album “The Red Room Sessions” which you can grab on their Bandcamp page!  It’s a good one, go grab yourself a digi-copy of the album.

And we’ve got some special gigs coming up, even one where you can see me strumming and singing… you’ll have to listen to the show (about 1 hour in is when we do the gig guide) for that special info.

For the rest of the show info…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 89: Stop Being Important…

Title Album Artist
Post Office Tower The Church of Steve Honest Fake Teak
Come Clean The Operation
Lend A Little Light The Fetts The Fetts
Flipside Ulysses Goh Nakamura
Hey Man Stranger in Nowhere Land Alex Apodaca
Wasted The Red Room Sessions 24.04.10 Mostly
Nancy Oh Nancy Life With the Buffalo Curtis Evans and Our Friends Electric
Wake Up Advance Sampler Beyond Words
Give and Take Microcosm Automata
Speaking Springsteen The Church of Steve Honest Robert Batley
Swings (Studio) Arux Argyle
Hope Street Hope Street Ben Ripani Music Co.
Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Field
Apology to the Feminine Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Aug.: Crystal Clear Almanac The Nadas
Dying Love Sonata CalatrilloZ
The “Don’t Be A Dick” Rule David Goo
To Travels and Trunks To Travels & Trunks Hey Marseilles
Paris Oh, Beatrice Tacks, The Boy Disaster
Modern Day Fairy Tales Modern Day Fairy Tales (final mixes) Junebug
Love’s Lost Tourists The Church of Steve Honest JESPA
Get Closer Get Closer – Single Life In Film
Worthing Song FEED11 Bleech
Never Awake Tom Copson
‘L’ out of Lover Titty Bingo Titty Bingo
Heroes and Villians PRodukt0001 Projekt

Have a great week.  Next week we’ll be doing some Twitter-powered giveaways with Titty Bingo, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter and following Titty Bingo on Twitter, too!  Peter Renzullo’s back again next week with the next Scudley Session!