Episode 88: Post Mortem Awards and New Bag

Apr 21, 2010 by


What?!  Yeah, sorry about that title… but you get the gist.  We’re talking about the Recharged Radio Awards winners and I’ve got a bunch of new submissions.  It’s gonna be fun.

Victoria and Jacob

Victoria and Jacob

Track of the Week this week comes from one that Alex (Head of Music at Recharged Radio) sent me along with the rest of his picks from the Recharged Radio new submissions.  This was one I heard with the iPod down in my jacket and I had to pull it all the way out to see who this was.  They’re called Victoria and Jacob and they’re based in London, so I get to go see them!  Yay!

Speaking of you podcast listeners… your listening experience, particularly the timely portion of it, will be improving.  We’re going to be shooting the ‘casts out the day after the show from now on, promise.  You can hold me to it.  Send emails to me if I don’t, throw your shoes, whatever it takes.

And so… it’s time for the playlist.

The Justin Wayne Show Epsiode 88: Post Mortem Awards and New Bag

    1. Title :: Album :: Artist
    2. Pick Me Up :: Pick Me Up – Single :: Jo Hamilton
    3. Skin and Bone :: Laura Catlow :: Laura Catlow
    4. Jan.: Bitter Love :: Almanac :: The Nadas
    5. At the Mall :: For Tomorrow (2010 Edition) :: Emerald Park
    6. >>TOTW! >> There’s A War :: Victoria and Jacob
    7. Apache Hotel :: The Troubles :: Goodbyehome
    8. Kiss the Ground :: Nothing Broken Nothing Damaged :: Bad Dream Good Breakfast
    9. All Those Pretty Lights :: Live At Hotel Cafe, March 3, 2010 :: Andrew Belle
    10. Bus Pass :: Bus Pass/Judith Cut My Head Off :: The Little Philistines
    11. You! Me! Dancing! :: Hold On Now, Youngster :: Los Campesinos!
    12. Ocean Passage :: Projekt :: Projekt
    13. BOMBS! :: BOMBS! :: The Helmholtz Resonators
    14. Autumn Girl :: Hot Fiction Demo :: Hot Fiction
    15. Little Angel :: Volume II ::Titty Bingo
    16. Confidence :: 3 Songs :: Kicks and Spurs
    17. Heath Marshall :: The Scudley Sessions, Episode Four :: Peter Renzullo and Heath Marshall
    18. Balloons :: Peter comes from Neverland EP :: Peter comes from Neverland
    19. Superhero (Acoustic) :: Pure Heroes EP :: Sierra Alpha

Thanks for a great show!