Episode 87: Projekt the Awards

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Recharged RadioThis show is PACKED with stuff so I’m gonna be short with my wittering…

However, I have to thank Tom from Projekt for being on the show this week!  He can come back anytime, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Recharged Radio Awards Nominees are below the playlist here as well as on the show.  Next week we’ll have the winners announced, play tracks from them, and get on with playing loads of new submissions!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 87: Projekt the Awards

Title Album Artist
Solid State 11|70 Fake Teak
Teen Idol Whatever Happened to Friday Night The Scratch
Head on Fire MASTER Head on Fire The Little Philistines
For You and Me Inconnu The Fancy Toys
The Compass The Compass Projekt
Sun Kissed Planet Sun-Kissed Planet Kakuzi
Walking Sideways Folklore, Volume 1 Pins and Ladles
Transcontinental   Oh Atoms
Feb.: Long Goodbye Almanac The Nadas
Head over heels   Self Help Group
what god meant J*E*S*P*A E.P. J*E*S*P*A
Four kinds of cheese Folklore, Volume 1 Heath Marshall
So Cold Streets of Mercy (Volume III) Titty Bingo
My Generation Zebedy Rays Zebedy Rays
Small Potatoes (on a late night radio show) South of the River Robert Batley
I’m The Enforcer                  Be Brave  Field
Things We Would Rather Lose Things We Would Rather Lose Paper Arrows
Roll On Yesterday (Live at MSS for Recharged Radio) Recharged Radio Bands in the Basement Kitty and the Canopeners
I Am Gonna Leave You I Am Gonna Leave You Single (Produced by Paul Tipler) Fearless Vampire Killers
The Compass (Kochane Remix) The Compass REMIXES Projekt
You Won Single Night Noise Team
Ruthless   Lana
I JUST WANNA STICK MY HEAD IN THE BASS DRUM 02/09 How Did It Get to This? We Rock Like Girls Don’t
Catch Me If You Can Advance Sampler Beyond Words
Bundle of nerves   Karl Culley
Lament For Jackie Mad Masters E.P. Karim Fanous

Thanks for a great show, see you at the awards! 


The Recharged Radio Awards 2010 Nominees


Rachel Kenedy
Karl Culley www.karlculley.co.uk
Ben Dalby www.myspace.com/bendalbymusic
Karim Fanous 
Rob Batley
Shabby Rogue  – www.myspace.com/shabbyrogue 
We Rock Like Girls Dont www.myspace.com/werocklikegirlsdont
El Dog  – www.myspace.com/eldogmusic
The Fancy Toys
The Little Philistines
Fake Teak
Fearless Vampire Killers
Jo Hamilton – Pick Me Up www.myspace.com/johamiltongown
Isa & The Filthy Tongues – New Town Killers www.myspace.com/thefilthytongues
The Little Philistines – Head On Fire
The Fancy Toys – For you and Me
JESPA – Orla
Fake Teak – Solid State
The Scratch – Teen Idol
Kakuzi – Sun Kissed Planet
Rob Batley – South Of The river
Shabby Rogue  – www.myspace.com/shabbyrogue – By Hook and By Crook
Jo Hamilton www.myspace.com/johamiltongown – Gown
Isa & The Filthy Tongues – Dark Passenger www.myspace.com/thefilthytongues
El Dog  – www.myspace.com/eldogmusic – The Lamps of Terrahead
The Scratch – Whatever Happened To Friday Night
Karim Fanous – Mad Masters
Nephu Huzzband – Papers
Jarmean – Mind the Gap
Isa & The Filthy Tongues – New Town Killers www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxzb4yG3AtU
Nephu Huzzband – Papers www.myspace.com/nephuhuzzband
Fancy Toys – Gypsy Eyes www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKorwqN12e0
Karim Fanous – Mad Master http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3MixJ58deo
The Furbelows – best gig – Cirque De Creme Anglaise 
Isa & The Filthy Tongues – Edinburgh Cabaret Volataire www.myspace.com/thefilthytongues
Fearless Vampire Killers – Ballet Of Teeth, Tommy Flynns
The Fancy Toys – Night Of The Artisans – HMS President
The Scratch – Album Launch – The Horn, St Albans
Lo Five Records www.robinmorton.com
Crash Records
Circular Records www.circular-records.com
Gobsmacked Records www.gobsmackedrecords.com
Engineer Records.com
Wierd Records
Kitty And The Canopeners
Karl Culley www.karlculley.co.uk
The Roots Union
Lucius www.luciusmusic.com
We Rock Like Girls Dont www.myspace.com/werocklikegirlsdont
Isa & The Filthy Tongues www.myspace.com/thefilthytongues
El Dog  – www.myspace.com/eldogmusic 
Broken Links  – www.myspace.com/brokenlinksmusic 
Volcanoes  – www.myspace.com/volcanoes 
Holy City Rollers (Indonesia)
Field (California)
Hairdressers On Fire! (Indonesia)
Matthew Glenn Thomson (USA) www.matthewglennthompson.com
The Taters (USA)
Mad Tea Party (USA)
Chris Turner – feed your head
The Scratch
Jack Rabbit Slim  – www.myspace.com/jackrabbitslimuk