Episode 86: Half Naked and Loving It

Apr 7, 2010 by

Rodrigo de Sa and Justin Wayne

Rodrigo and Justin

The Cowboy Cantor was in this week and it was great to get some live banter back on the show, especially with a podcaster whom I respect so much.  Rodrigo de Sa from The Cowboy Cantor Podcast was here and we really enjoyed having him on the show.

The Track of the Week comes from The Paper Arrows who had originally submitted to Insomnia Radio Chicago but I put my arm around them and said, “come over here and play, too!”  They, of course, agreed and thus they’ve hit big on this week’s show.

Also Peter Renzullo is back with Scudley Sessions Episode 3!  He’s got the lovely Pins and Ladles with him.  Listen to the show, the pop over to the Scudley Sessions mini site and read all about it.  Also hit up Peter and their great indie label at Scudley Records dot com.

We’ve also debuted our first dub-step track from DJ Hylu (is it “dub step” or “dub-step”?  The dash in or out?  I’m still new to this genre) this week as David’s hit a very interesting story this past week.  Dubscover and Techscover are nights dedicated to new and up-and-coming dub and tech artists run by the promotions group, Organix.  They had a bit of a tiff with a former colleague who decided to become a member of the BNP, so they booted him on his backside and joined up with Love Music Hate Racism.  We’ll be speaking more with them about all this soon, but now check out David’s article about their recent Dubscover night at Gramaphone in East London.

We’re also heading to see Jon Byrne at the 12 Bar Club in Central London and we’ll have pictures fo you next week. 

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 86: Half Naked and Loving It


Title Album Artist
Streets of Mercy Streets of Mercy (Volume III) Titty Bingo
going out west Concrete Class The Lonely H
Cosmonaut Hey Girl Giant Wow
Photograph Delivered Yours Til Death
One More Quiet Song Things We Would Rather Lose The Paper Arrows
points win prizes Your heart is ready for home Pareto
Bright Red Chords Loomis and the Lust
Bloodshot Days Bloodshot Days (Single) The Crookes
Orla J*E*S*P*A E.P. J*E*S*P*A
Landlocked Chris Pureka
A Higher Loss For Tomorrow (2010 Edition) Emerald Park
Ocean Passage Projekt Projekt
Cigarette Song It’s Boring Being In Control Jon Byrne
The Hardest Part   Myles Cochran
Lock Me In Tonight Second Chances Danika Holmes
Untitled   DJ Hylu
The Scudley Sessions Episode 3  Band: Pins and Ladles Peter Renzullo and Scudley Records
Giggle  Natasha Davies Natasha Davies
You’ll find Me in the Archives Dandelion Killers The Dandelion Killers
Dont Be Silly Joe  The Ruskins  The Ruskins
My Generation Zebedy Rays Zebedy Rays

Why is this show half naked?  You’ll just have to listen. 😉

Thanks a bunch!  Next week is the pre-Recharged Radio Awards Special!