Episode 85: Epic Songs

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Long songs… now have an outlet!  It dawned on me after hearing some of these great, longer tracks that we could play them on the show and people would like them.  Simple?  Yes, but the best things in life are just that.  We have three tracks over the six-minute mark, one reaching over seven!

Track of the Week this week goes to a great new submission from a contender for the 2011 Best Band Name Award: Titty Bingo.  We’re going to be hearing more from them in the coming weeks so I won’t spoil anything, but they’re FAB.  Do tune in for this and let us know what you think.

Robert Batley South of the RiverAll of this (well, this week’s theme and show title, at least) was inspired by a Recharged Radio session by Robert Batley who played two long songs on this past week’s Friday Forum in his third live RR session.  You’ll hear one of his fantastic long tunes, “The Dance” on this week’s show.

We’ve also got Junebug with a great epic tune called “Place” that Dave Couch loved in his recent review of their album Share.  Pop over and have a read while you listen to the show!

Speaking of…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 85: Epic Songs

Title Album Artist
Slow Down Jessica The Ruskins The Ruskins
Born Again These Old Traditions Stevie and the Moon
Not A Machine The Fetts The Fetts
>>TOTW! Talk the Talk Streets of Mercy (Volume III) Titty Bingo
Living Out Loud The Human Condition eFfU
Revelation Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Perfect in my Mind Gold Motel EP Gold Motel
High Expectations constance lansberg’s Album Connie Lansberg
The Dance Robert Batley
Houseguests The Fish Don’t Mind Skeletons With Flesh On Them
Kingdom of Allorida Holy City Rollers
Scatter Away Collective Duwende
Cannonballs To Travels & Trunks Hey Marseilles
The Truth From Another Planet Fundamental Skillz
One Finger Georgia Fields
Place Share Junebug
No Future Generation It’s Boring Being In Control Jon Byrne
Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Field
What I Need Sun-Kissed Planet Kakuzi
Sarah Rose Ulysses Goh Nakamura
Local Ghosts Local Ghosts — Single Jonah Malarsky
Spencer Park (Live) Parks EP Matt Stevens
Salvation (Live) Studio/Live Nerys Joseph
Anorak Various 50ft Woman
Stand In Your Shoes Tear Ourselves Away LoveLikeFire
Judith Cut My Head Off Bus Pass/Judith Cut My Head Off The Little Philistines

See you next time with Portugal’s own Rodrigo de Sa from Cowboy Cantor co-hosting!


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  1. Thank you, Justin. We’re honored to be included on a top flight program with so many talented, independent musicians.


    Dahr, Freddy, Derek, Larry, Bobbie, and Willie (when he feels like it).