Episode 83: States with Guns!

Mar 17, 2010 by


Piles of tunes blasting  from the vault as I moved all of the tunes from one vault to another.  Dug up some gems!

And yes, states with their own gun laws… have you heard?  There’s been quite a few states in the US that are balking the federal laws and making their own!  I thought it was pretty interesting, have a click over to the New York Times article I read today!

Shall we?

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 83: States with Guns

Title Album Artist
Cut And Paste Delivered Yours Til Death
You Need Vegas Demos Wide Eyed Kid
Talk About Drunk Like Bible Times Dear and the Headlights
The Compass The Compass Projekt
Y?Y? Hairdresser on Fire!
You Better Believe It OK Tokyo
i punched a lion in the throat Pulled Apart by Horses
Solid State 11|70 Fake Teak
Consolation Demo EP Crayon
Fix Bright Lights, Big City EP Beau and The Arrows
The “Don’t Be A Dick” Rule David Goo
For You and Me Inconnu The Fancy Toys
Rio To Travels & Trunks Hey Marseilles
Dance Along With Me Gustav Magnusson Gustav Magnusson
Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Field
Raining in Baltimore Deb Felz
Take It To Dance Superhero Sierra Alpha
You Should Know Celebrate Yourself Herring Bones
Geneva Be Polite Be Professional (2007) Hundred Years War
Shadows Are Bent Sing Into My Mouth Gospel Gossip
Into Your Own Hey! Brontosaurus Hey! Brontosaurus
Seventh Sky Folklore, Volume 1 Ji Deeg
White Diamonds Wilderness Josh Mease
Let’s Run Departures John Garrison
These Dreams 9-28-9 All of This Dreaming Jay Broyer
Subway Man Belly Full of Brains Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt
Video Feature! >>Head on Fire Head on Fire The Little Philistines
Hold My Hand Natasha Davies

Video Feature: Head on Fire by The Little Philistines!


Thanks again for a great show!  See you next week with Peter Renzullo and Scudley Session number 2!