Episode 82: Scudley Sessions Launch

Mar 10, 2010 by


This week marks the launch of our wonderful new segment on the show (nearly a show of its own) The Scudley Sessions.  Hosted by Peter Renzullo in Scudley Studios down in Perth, Western Australia he’ll be bringing some great independent artists in live sessions, chatting with them and having them play their music.  This week it’s Pete Usher and he’s got three tracks to bring to you.

We’ve also got a new album coming from our Scottish friends Pareto, and we’ve given them Track of the Week for it.

As for the rest, here’s the playlist:

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 82: Scudley Records Launch

Title Album Artist
Black Rolling Thunder The Stone Foxes The Stone Foxes
Loco New Single – Loco 29th Nov Sierra Alpha
Jubilee Echo Matt Stevens
Grant Dawson – Looking Back Spellbound Way Grant Dawson
>>TOTW! Call Me Alphabet Your Heart is Ready for a Home Pareto
Longer Chain All the Other Animals Skeletons with Flesh on Them
Kingdom of Allorida Unknown Album (8/3/2007 1:33:2 Holy City Rollers
Stretch that Penny Stretch that Penny/Sweetest Friend Double A Side Captain Kennedy
Stick Together MASTER Head on Fire The Little Philistines
Pleasure Machine The Furbelows
Wonderful Day Something In My Soul Chad Neaves
Stiff Upper Lip Under The Weather But Over The Moon OK
Bad Penny Jarmean
Count In My Head Count In My Head – Single Kids Love Lies
Welcome to My World We Rock Like Girls Don’t
Morning Pill Morning Pill Alexx Calise
The Same Way Revolutions Brave Citizens
Summer Day Hey Girl Giant Wow
The Scudley Sessions #1 with Peter Renzullo Guest: Pete Usher
Love Gets Lost Lights On Jonah Smith
San Francisco This World Fair (Final Master) This World Fair
Orla J*E*S*P*A E.P. J*E*S*P*A

Check out The Scudley Sessions on its own podcast here on the site and subscribe to it!  It’s going to be every other week, so keep it locked here (and subscribed to both) to keep yourself getting all of these musical meals delivered while they’re HOT!

See you next week.