Episode 81: KFC

Mar 3, 2010 by


Yup, I was hungry… and now a bit sick – but we’ve got TUNES and VOTING to talk about!

Piles of great new songs rolling in and we’ve got a bunch of them on this week including Pacific Northwest gems Hey Marseilles and a new one from Cincinnati’s Pomegranates.

Also, voting for the first annual Recharged Radio Awards has begun, and some of our short listed groups from The Justin Wayne Show Birthday Best Awards are there, along with lots of other great tracks.  Pop over to put in your vote, and to find some great new music!

That’s about all from me for now, pop the kettle on, grab a bucket of your favorite fried chicken, and let’s have a great show!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 81 : KFC

  1. To Travels and Trunks :: To Travels & Trunks :: Hey Marseilles
  2. Everybody Come Outside :: Everybody Come Outside :: Pomegranates
  3. Chasing The Sun :: Echo :: Matt Stevens
  4. Low Hundreds :: Low Hundreds – Single :: The Lights
  5. Can I be a Star? :: The Art of Not Blending In :: Burnshee Thornside
  6. The Straight And Narrow :: The Roots Union :: The Roots Union
  7. Reason to Believe :: Wishbone Ash
  8. Particle Boredom :: Unreason :: Zelda and the Unibrows
  9. Break My Fall :: Caleb Travers
  10. One Call :: 3 Songs :: Kicks and Spurs
  11. That’s Where The Guns Are :: Save The Album :: Tensheds
  12. Through and Through :: Folklore, Volume 1 :: Jasmin
  13. Quit Pushing Me (#2) :: Number 2 :: Trevor Larkin
  14. I Want To Know :: Blind Divine
  15. The Future :: What Would We Wear Were We Were Werewolves :: ATHENS
  16. This Is War :: Something In My Soul :: Chad Neaves
  17. Bloodshot Days :: Bloodshot Days (Single) :: The Crookes
  18. Colours :: Stack Of Fears :: Brenn
  19. Best Girl :: Definitely Alive :: Checking Pulse
  20. The Extortionist :: The Spotless Mind :: Icarus The Owl
  21. Rhyme and Reason :: Ever The Optimist :: Lights Out Dancing
  22. Sun Kissed Planet :: Sun-Kissed Planet :: Kakuzi
  23. The Sounding :: Meet You At The Monolith :: The Monolith
  24. Righteous Heart :: A Sea of Tiny Lights :: Nathan Lawr and the Minotaurs
  25. It’s Not Too Late :: Under the Weather but Over the Moon :: OK
  26. T-T-Time :: T-T-Time Single :: The Paper Scissors
  27. Someone’s Gonna Lose :: The Hired Guns :: The Sales Brothers
  28. Cloud Drifter :: Second Power :: Sam Squared

(I’ve been putting up the links a bit later, I hope that hasn’t made anyone upset.  If it has, let me know!  Comment on this post or drop me an email.)