Episode 79: Handsome Animals and Free Radicals

Feb 19, 2010 by


Those Handsome Animals

That’s right, more interviews!  With our first co-promoted gig coming up we’ve got Tom from Those Handsome Animals in to chat as they’re playing “Hijacked” at the Enfield Bar Form (just outside the Enfield Town BR station on Friday, 19th of Feb.  It’s free in, 9pm we get the ball rollin’…  We did talk about other music-related things too as not to totally alienate you poor non-Londoners.

We also spoke with the influential Trenton Birch of Trenton and Free Radical who, after many years of being involved in the music industry in different shapes, roles, and places has brought a truly international group together to make some top-notch hip-hop with a message of change.  Don’t worry, he never gets too preachy (in his music or in the interview) but is very humble and we really enjoyed having him on, too.  Wanna see for real how fun he is, we’ve included the video of his first single “Sunless Sundays” below in our video feature for this week.

Trenton and Free Radical

We’ve also got some great new submissions including a few from the Recharged Radio Head of Music, Alex.  Thanks, mate!

And, it’s my duty to announce that we’re going to be hearing more from Peter and his independent music crowd down in Perth, Australia (Scudley Records) in the form of the Scudley Sessions.  Some live performances along with interviews.  More on this in the coming weeks.

What else we got?  How about the playlist?

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 79: Handsome Animals and Free Radicals

Title :: Album :: Artist

  1. Soho Sophisticated :: 50 Foot Woman :: 50 Foot Woman
  2. My Fault – Original Mix :: My Fault – Single :: Senadee
  3. 6 Strings :  Aaron Carey
  4. I’ll Be Yours :: Something In My Soul :: Chad Neaves
  5. Flies In The Basement :: Echo :: Matt Stevens
  6. Seven (acoustic) :: Sun :: J Minus
  7. Pathetic Life :: Hairdresser On Fire! :: Hairdresser On Fire!
  8. Menolick :: Single :: Night Noise Team
  9. >>Interview with Tom from Those Handsome Animals
  10. The Day I Left the In Crowd (Demo) :: Demos :: Those Handsome Animals
  11. Floating :: Demos :: Thy Melodramatic Mind
  12. I Love Drain :: The David Goo Variety Band :: David Goo
  13. Come Hither :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha
  14. Let it Slide :: Folklore, Volume 1 :: Lost, Not Hiding
  15. Out of my Depth :: Folklore, Volume 1 :: Pete Usher
  16. Bad Luck Coat :: A Glorious Egg :: Maneatlikepig
  17. Pull It (Bullet) :: Morning Pill :: Alexx Calise
  18. Behind the Shades :: From Another Planet :: Fundamental Skillz
  19. Sunless Sundays :: Sunless Sundays Single :: Trenton and Free Radical
  20. >>Interview with Trenton Birch from Trenton and Free Radical
  21. Bright City Lights :: Sunless Sundays Single :: Trenton and Free Radical
  22. It’s Called A Job :: Werk :: Poach Stevens
  23. Werk :: Werk :: Poach Stevens
  24. Fearless Vampire Killers :: Fearless Vampire Killers :: Fearless Vampire Killers

Video Feature: “Sunless Sundays” video by Trenton and Free Radical




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  1. Just wanted to say thanks loads for allowing my music to be part of your excellent podcast. Cheers