Episode 77: The Birthday Best Awards 2010!

Feb 7, 2010 by



The second annual Birthday Best Awards have arrived again, meaning that The Justin Wayne Show is now two-years old!  Wow… we’re gonna be gnawing on the sides of coffee tables and opening doors we shouldn’t soon!

As far as those doors we should open, we ran down the top 25 songs of the year voted on by four of us here at JW towers and many of you – over 350 of you!  Thanks for doing that, we appeciate it.  The feedback form is still up, but on a different page – http://thejustinwayneshow.com/feedback if you fancy giving us your opinion.  We’re going to be making some changes here in our third year, let us know what you’d like to see happen!

I must give a big thanks to a few people, as I tend to do this time of year, for making this all possible.  First, Jason for his writing and encouragement, Ryan Flynn for the theme song, and Jamie for her unconditional love and support.   David Couch for coming on and writing for us (he even came down and helped me do this show!)

David and Justin

David and Justin

Also thanks to Jordan, Dave, Alex and Minki at Recharged Radio and Jarrod on Tourdates for their big boost into the live radio world again this year.  And, I can’t forget to thank our new cat (and JW Show mascot) Puck!  Thanks for not chewing through the power cord!  It’s been an amazing year.  I’m excited to dig into year three with so many great allies!

As is also customary with this awards show, I don’t want to spoil the winners for those that missed the live show or always listen to the podcast.  I will still put the top 25 songs below but the actual list, in order won’t be available in a text form until next week.  You’ll have to actually listen to the show to find out!

The awards that are up for grabs:

  • Best Artist of the Year
  • Best Song of the Year
  • Best Band Name of the Year
  • Presenter’s Picks (Each Presenter gets one of these)
  • Audience Choice Award

And the nominees are…

The Top 25 Songs Submitted to the Justin Wayne Show in 2009

(in no particular order… yet!)

The full playlist, in order, as well as the winners of the respective awards will be posted in text next week, but to find out just listen, download, or subscribe to this show right now!  See you next week for the results.