Episode 74: Number One in Twenty Ten

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Great stuff this week as Track of the Week goes to the new track from Project called “The Compass” and our video feature is a smashing video from the boys over at The Scratch of their song, “Teen Idol.”  We played the song on the show and the video is here on the website.

2010-1As for the title of this show… Yeah, I typed it out because I don’t wanna be misheard.  It is the future now, and I want to make sure it’s pronounced properly! 

(Remember this film which came out in 1984 starring none other than Mr. Jaws himself Roy Schieder?  How come we haven’t discovered new life on other planets yet?  It seems like it’s about time!)

Well, we have discovered new music!  (Great segue… I know…) And we’re gearing up for another great year here at The Justin Wayne Show and at Recharged Radio.  We’ll be putting out two podcasts, apart from the regular show that will contain all of the nominees for our Anniversary Awards Show coming up on the 3rd of February, The Birthday Best. 

You’ll get to vote, too!  We’ll be putting up the ballot for you next week once the nominee podcasts are available to you can listen to all the nominees (the best tracks of the year… about 60 of them) and then pick your favorite to make the Audience Choice Award this year.  That will be available next week.  Cool, huh? 

We think so.  I’ve been getting ballots back from our staff here as well (as we have some awards chosen by the staff to give out as well) and it’s looking like it’s going to be an exciting show.  Heck, it is the best music of the year!

But we always play good music, don’t we?  How about this week’s playlist?

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 74: Number One in Twenty Ten

Title Album Artist
You’ll Find Me in the Archives Dandelion Killers The Dandelion Killers
Photograph Delivered Yours Til Death
Digital Accordian   The Lovely Eggs
No Coward Soul   The Little Philistines
Keep on Wishin’   David Goo
Move with the Wild Palms   Tim Ten Yen
Superbug   Karim Fanous
Mademoiselle   SR Gents
Doc Tahitian Punk Demo Tahigo
Ice Cream Man Various 50 Foot Woman
The Compass The Compass Projekt
The Reductionist   Bluejuice
Violence Violence Single We Rock Like Girls Don’t
Mrs. Cooper Brooklyn Session Jonah Smith
3,000 Lines of Defense   Geri X
Run in the Front Small Steps Heavy Hooves Dear and the Headlights
Stand In Your Shoes Tear Ourselves Away LoveLikeFire
Teen Idol Whatever Happened to Friday Night The Scratch
Looking Around Twilight Via Dove
Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die Rise or Die Trying Four Year Strong
Press Play From Another Planet Fundamental Skillz
Let’s Build Ships   Last Days of Lorca
Where Do the Children Paly   Christians
The River Concrete Class The Lonely H
Bosconian Dismantle the Sky Vaudeville
In Between You and Me The Stranger’s Dozen Special Patrol
All I See The Powwows The Powwows
My Fault   Senadee

Here’s The Scratch‘s video of “Teen Idol”




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  1. Tahigo's Bass (Pit)

    Yeah Justin, we’ll come for a bunch of gigs in England as soon as we can !

    Peace my friend, keep doing the awesome job 🙂