Episode 73: One for 2009

Dec 18, 2009 by


The pre-Christmas show being released post-Christmas style!  You know what they say, “live by the tech, die by the tech…”

But we’ve got a record-breaking thirty-three tracks including some of the best of the year!  Stay glued to this site for the nomination shows preceding our Birthday awards show coming up the first week in February.  Yup, that’s right, we’re turning two-years-old soon!

Also, don’t forget to check out David Couch’s review of the fab record Ulysses by the San Franciscan Goh Nakamura. It’s not far down via the scroll bar.

And something a bit nearer via scroll bar… the playlist!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 73: One for 2009

Title Album Artist
My Next Obsession (Live) Live and Studio EP Nerys Joseph
Young Leaders Of Tomorrow Collective Duwende
Scream Scream Wake Up, Thunderbabe The Battle Royale
I Used To Work At The Zoo Things That Roar The Beep Seals
Friends & Foes MP3 Friends & Foes Isaac’s Aircraft
Suzie’s Shoes Rachel Kenedy
Leaves Tiny Movements Ben TD
One Finger Georgia Fields
Ruthless Lana
TOTW!  Cut And Paste Delivered Yours Til Death
01 London Town 1 London Town EP Bad Whiskey
Tell The World Under The Weather But Over The Moon OK
Stay Down Kid 33 33Revolutions
Forget About It Forget About It A Tower Of Sheep
Sleeping In Her Clothes EP, Demos and Remixes Look, Stranger!
Fix Bright Lights, Big City EP Beau and The Arrows
Duck Duck Goose Country of Origin Elisabeth Blair
Sweet Dreams Broken Summer Jamestown Story
DONT Master MP3s (small files) Sam Squared
Aphrodite Share Junebug
Don’t Be a Dick David Goo
Soar Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Chinatown Ryan Flynn
Londontown Stack Of Fears Brenn
All You Can Do Glenn Meling
I Get Lost Matthew Glenn Thompson
Where You Are Nothin’ Better Than This Brother Dan Palmer
Home Is Where The Heart Is Gimme What you Got Slo Mo featuring Mic Wrecka
Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Field
Fearless Vampire Killers Fearless Vampire Killers Fearless Vampire Killers
I Like Birds (But I Like Other Animals Too) The Lovely Eggs
Roll on Yesterday (Live) Live at Recharged Radio Kitty and the Canopeners
Leave Me Alone Not Fighters The Clintons

And a bit of post-Christmas fallout via video…

…The Christmas Song – Karaoke Edition.  Just in case you didn’t get enough – or you wanted to try singing it yourself!


Finish that egg nog!  It goes bad, you know!