Episode 70: My Big Fat American Holiday

Nov 29, 2009 by


thanksgiving1Thanks goes out to all of you listeners and visitors as it’s Thanksgiving!  Yaaayy!  (Yes, I did succeed in eating so much I was sick – though I wasn’t proper “sick” as the British might think, although two others at our gathering were…)

Also, yet another reminder to vote for us in the European Podcast Awards! You can vote once per day and time is running out (so I won’t be badgering you much longer!)

We’ve got a new Field track as the full disc has graced the top of my desk, all the way from Sacramento, California.  I also thank just about everyone who’s helped (as it’s in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season) and discuss my grandma’s famous cinnamon rolls that I’m brewing up for my mates at work.  Anyone interested in the recipe?  If you ask really nice, maybe I’ll post it next week.

Give us a call on our new voice mail and leave some holiday cheer (that we’ll play on the show!) It’s a US number, or +1 for you outside of the US (and always posted in the sidebar at http://thejustinwayneshow.com) so dial 646-462-4073 with extension 15797.  You can also record audio cheer and send it to us via email!

There’s also loads of other great music packed into the show as we’re reminding ourselves of why we began – the music.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the politics of associations and groups, the technical side of things, and everything else that gets in the way but it’s good to remember that we’re here for THE MUSIC and that’s what this show is about.

Speaking of…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 70: My Big Fat American Holiday

Title Album Artist
Gimme What You Got Gimme What you Got Slo Mo featuring Mic Wrecka
Good Vibes Share Junebug
Maybe Dead at 27 Forty-four Stone Tigers Overview
Simple Living Got Gumption L-MO
Let’s Run Departures John Garrison
Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Field
My Whole Life The Powwows The Powwows
Dragging Heels (through Bexley’s battlefields) South of the River Robert Batley
Hair Hair The Lonely H
Girl Next Door Loomis and the Lust
They Start Fires – We Start Riots Single Last Days of Lorca
Lighting The Sky Ever The Optimist Lights Out Dancing
New Sensation Road Maps and Heart Attacks This Time Next Year
Ocean Passage Projekt Projekt
Doc Tahitian Punk Tahigo
Cherry Jam Oh!gunquit
the river Concrete Class The Lonely H
Giggle Natasha Davies
Siren Studio/Live Nerys Joseph
Your Sweet Love The Chester Sessions Tom Howie
Singing to Me Daydream Robin Stine
Starwood Radio Promo The Hired Guns The Sales Brothers
Goddam Payments (Live at the Starwood 1979) The Hired Guns The Sales Brothers
I Won’t Go No 1 Trevor Larkin
Room With a View In the Red Tina Dico
Jared’s Blues Strange Folks

Come have some leftovers with us next week as we get ready to launch the nomination process for The Justin Wayne Show Birthday Best, 2010.  Wanna see what it was like last year?  The Justin Wayne Show Birthday Best 2009.