Episode 69: Best Friends Forever

Nov 23, 2009 by


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Jason Ober joins us on the show this week to tell us of his wonderful experience with The Powwows at Uncommon Ground (in fact, you can read about it too in his article just below this one on the site.)  There’s another couple of tracks from the Zalinski boys from their new EP, “Actions, Reactions, and Misunderstandings” as well as loads of great music, chat, and the usual fare here at The JW Show.

Playlist?  Please.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 69: Best Friends Forever

Title Album Artist
Apology to the Feminine Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Dreams Les Fits
Local Ghosts Local Ghosts Jonah Malarsky
Dragging Heels (through Bexley’s battlefields) South of the River Robert Batley
All I See The Powwows The Powwows
Bright Red Chords Loomis and the Lust
Desert Storm Projekt
Alarm Bell City Alarm Bell City The Apple War
One More Smile (MSG remix) Sixty Second Silence
Sunless Sundays Sunless Sundays Single Trenton and Free Radical
Spinning Out Twilight Via Dove
Le fou du volant Tahitian Punk Demo Tahigo
The Blacksmith of wounds and blessings… Now And Forever
Other Things You Do Your Lucky Numbers Modern Cliches
Young Coconut Water UlU Serpentfly
Dark Eyes Breathing Spell Blind Divine
Suzie’s Shoes Rachel Kenedy
Atlanta The Powwows The Powwows
Soar Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Lost and Found Dizzy American Ryan Rebo
Coffeelocks Home Gavin Castleton
London Loves You Mad Masters E.P. Karim Fanous

We’ll have some great stuff brewed up for next week’s big show number 70 so keep it locked, get your subscription up to date and prime yourselves for a great show next week!


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  1. Haha, Cheers Justin, of course it counts cause we remixed ourselves!