Episode 67: Cliches, EPs and Bikinis

Nov 7, 2009 by

Black Bikini Alpha

Black Bikini Alpha

With an interview with Phil of Modern Cliches, another Track of the Week, a review, and launching the new voicemail (it’s a US number, so +1, then 646-462-4073 and extension 15797) to we’ve got quite the packed show this week!

First, Phil joins us for a chat about the upcoming Modern Cliches double A side, about upcoming gigs and other things.

The Track of the Week comes to us from our new friends over at Futureproof Records and Promotions.  They’re called Black Bikini Alpha and their newest single, “Nightmare” drops at the end of the month (the 29th of November.)

We’ve also got “Soar”, a pre-release track from the upcoming Zalinski EP release called Actions, Reactions and Misunderstandings.  It’s quite good, and we’re gonna have them on the show for an interview next week so make sure you come back.

Speaking of coming back… come and participate on the live show!  I’ve put nifty “figure-out-the-showtime-in-my-timezone” link on the website, or if you’re time zone savvy just come to The Justin Wayne Show dot com or Recharged Radio dot com at 8pm GMT.  (It’s 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, 12pm Pacific for you Americans). If you’re a band, it’s a GREAT way to get your stuff played as you can talk to me via the chatroom and I’d be a fool not to play your stuff if your chatting in the chatroom.  It’d seem pretty rude, wouldn’t it?  So, by that it’s also a great way to chat with the artists that get played on the show.  Kind of like a forum?  (Don’t tell Jordan I said that.)

That’s about it this week.  Here’s what you came for…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 67: Cliches, EPs and Bikinis

Title Album Artist
Run in the Front Small Steps Heavy Hooves Dear and the Headlights
Kiss the Ground Nothing Broken Nothing Damaged Bad Dream Good Breakfast
Girl In A Room Resonant String Theory ANTIQCOOL
dying love sonata Demo CalatrilloZ
Keep on Wishin’ David Goo
Nightmare TRACK OF THE WEEK! Grand Madness Black Bikini Alpha
Young Revolutions Brave Citizens
Gimme The Powwows The Powwows
Desert Storm Projekt
Soar Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings Zalinski
Judith Cut My Head Off Bus Pass/Judith Cut My Head Off The Little Philistines
Local Ghosts Local Ghosts — Single Jonah Malarsky
Lighting The Sky Ever The Optimist Lights Out Dancing
You Got To Tell Me You Got To Tell Me/The Same Place Modern Cliches
Interview with Phil of Modern Cliches
Your Lucky Numbers Your Lucky Numbers Modern Cliches
Share Share Junebug
Morning Pill Morning Pill Alexx Calise
Replace, Rewire Replace, Rewire Wellness
Come On demo Miss Davina Lee
Play A Song & Singalong Landfair The Blank Tapes
Time After Time Save The Album Tensheds
Let’s Run Departures John Garrison
Such A Bloody Pain Things That Roar The Beep Seals

Finally!  Those links took me AGES – but that’s what we’re here for.  Now my arm hurts (from patting myself on the back) and I have no more cheese (to go with this whine/wine.)

Have a great week!