Episode 65: Sandpaper

Oct 22, 2009 by

Jordan's "Sandpaper"

Jordan's "Sandpaper"

So… this is Jordan about 10 minutes after shaving.  How many times per day does he have to do this to maintain his baby face?  He’s a committed individual, goes without saying.  You don’t need to do all that WORK!  Just grow it out and trim it once a week!  BRIL!

(It’s actually George Michael, but doesn’t it look a lot like Jordan?!)

Oh yeah!  We do a music show don’t we?  RIGHT… Lots of great new tracks this week including a Monumental Music feature with Trenton and Free Radical, Gabby Young and Other Animals, and Lana all putting out singles or albums this coming week.  Hit up Monumental Management for more info.

ALSO…  the Return of the King… Bobby Scotch.  The Spot with Bobby Scotch returns with a vengeance – and Kid A of ARM management bringing some fabulous tunes, tidings of The Spot being fully rekindled and burning away at http://bobbyscotch.com and he promises to come back to The Justin Wayne Show very soon.

No beards were harmed in the making of this podcast.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 65: Sandpaper

(Back to the old way of playlists, but just for this week.)

Name :: Album :: Artist

  1. Samantha Fox :: To The Face :: Liquor Boxx
  2. Poet (Who Didn’t Know It) :: Share :: Junebug
  3. Sunless Sundays :: Sunless Sundays Single :: Trenton and Free Radical
  4. Ruthless :: Single :: Lana
  5. We’re All In This Together :: Gabby Young And Other Animals
  6. Don Teriesto :: Fearless Vampire Killers :: Fearless Vampire Killers
  7. Come Hither :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha
  8. Stand In Your Shoes :: Tear Ourselves Away :: LoveLikeFire
  9. The Southern Ocean :: Everybody Come Outside :: Pomegranates
  10. The Spot with Bobby Scotch is back!  Featuring Kid A of ARM Management
  11. The Freshest Kids :: Fresh Air Tour Anthem :: Brother Ali, Toki Wright, Evidence & BK One
  12. Tema Do Canibal Ft The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble :: Radio Do Canibal :: BK-One
  13. I Shine ft. Supastition :: Uprising :: ARM
  14. The Narrator :: Ever The Optimist :: Lights Out Dancing
  15. Art of Living :: Twilight :: Via Dove
  16. Saturday Soldier :: Be Brave :: Field
  17. College Daze :: Strange Day In Mexico :: The Clintons
  18. College Daze :: Uncle Funk :: Skinless Finger
  19. I Punched a Lion in the Throat :: AA side single :: Pulled Apart by Horses
  20. Bastogne :: Olympia EP :: Olympia
  21. Queen of Heavy Metal :: How Did We Get to This? :: We Rock Like Girls Don’t
  22. Tears of Heaven :: End Of Ride Revisited :: Paris Keeling
  23. Power Cords :: All the Other Animals :: Skeletons with Flesh on Them
  24. Judith Cut My Head Off :: Bus Pass/Judith Cut My Head Off AA Side :: The Little Philistines
  25. Your Lucky Numbers :: Your Lucky Numbers :: Modern Cliches
  26. It’s Not Too Late :: Under The Weather But Over The Moon :: OK
  27. Slow Down Jessica :: The Ruskins :: The Ruskins
  28. Your Disciples :: Studio/Live :: Nerys Joseph
  29. Count to Ten :: Count To Ten :: Tina Dico
  30. Giggle :: Natasha Davies

That’s it!  No more jabs at Jordan about his sandpaper beard.

Come visit us on Wednesday again next week for the live show, 8pm GMT.  I’ve just installed a cool clock onto the player so if you’re unsure on Wednesday, just pop over and you can see exactly what time it is in London.  Then you can click the big red button just before 8:00:00.