Episode 62: Now on Recharged Radio

Oct 1, 2009 by


mainlogowithskylineIf you missed it last night don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from.  We’ve joined up with Recharged Radio and now stream the show over there first at 8pm GMT on Wednesdays… then we podcast it out on Thursday.  (I keep saying this for the podcasting folk so they don’t worry!)

We had LOADS of crackin’ tracks on the show this week, nearly 30 which is a JW Show record.  Perhaps we’ll have to try and push 30 in one of these upcoming RR shows.  It won’t happen with some of the interviews we’ve been scheduling… which is even better news for you!

So… next week 8pm GMT on Wednesday (click for a time zone converter) meet us back here or on http://rechargedradio.com for the next episode.  Watch this spot as we may even be doing it live.  Like Bill O’Reilly says…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 62 – Now on Recharged Radio

  1. World Machine :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha
  2. This is where i draw the line :: Pareto
  3. The Truth :: From Another Planet :: Fundamental Skillz
  4. People Say :: Portugal. The Man 2009 Tour Pack :: Portugal. The Man
  5. The Craft :: Primitai
  6. Trickster :: London Town EP :: Bad Whiskey
  7. Slow Down Jessica :: The Ruskins :: The Ruskins
  8. I Want To Be A Dancer :: Cloud Sounds Records Double A Side :: Onions
  9. Thats Where The Guns Are :: Save The Album :: Tensheds
  10. In The Blood :: From Another Planet :: Fundamental Skillz
  11. Come Clean :: Vampire Hotel :: Chris Kirby
  12. Teen Idol :: Night Bus or Milk Train :: The Scratch
  13. The Giver :: So Begins The Test Of A Man :: Small Towns Burn A Little Slower
  14. One More Smile :: Sixty Second Silence
  15. Against The Grain :: The Scratch
  16. Joey Smallwood :: Canada Needs You Volume Two :: Mike Ford
  17. Factory Song :: All the Other Animals :: Skeletons with Flesh on Them
  18. Down To The Puget Sound :: Later Days :: Asthmaboy
  19. Strangers :: Deb Felz
  20. Fork :: Exhale Your Blues :: Hannah Spiro
  21. In between you and me :: The Stranger’s Dozen :: Special Patrol
  22. Don’t Be Mad At Me :: Daydreams :: The Blank Tapes
  23. Streets of Camden Town :: Can We Play in Your Garden? :: Uncle Meat and the
  24. Highway Children
  25. Cloud Drifter :: Second Power :: Sam Squared
  26. Hey Kid, Get out of Your Cradle :: Nothing Broken Nothing Damaged :: Bad Dream Good Breakfast

Thanks to Jarrod for pushing play last night as well as Jordan, Minki, Dave, Alex, and the rest of the RR crew.  Happy to be a part!

Also, thanks to those who were in the chatroom on Recharged Radio last night and we’ll be banging on again next week at 8pm GMT over there.  (“There” being http://rechargedradio.com.)