Episode 61: Surfacing… Nearly Recharged

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surfaceUnsignedZimbalam1This week’s title has many meanings… surfacing = late, and also surfacing = The Surface Unsigned National Showcase going on this weekend that we’ve got loads of music from.  Looking for something to do this weekend and are in/around London?  Have a listen and then let me know if you’re coming down.  We’ll meet up for a pint.

Also this marks the last week ‘casting on our own as we’ll be streaming Wednesday, September 30th on Recharged Radio.  It kicks off at 8pm and goes until 10pm (that’s London time… 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific for all you North American Listeners) and it’s at http://rechargedradio.com Head there and click on the “Listen Now” link and you’ll be able to chat to us, listen before the show goes out for podcast, and enjoy all that there is of this marvelous show.

There’s also an announcement about our new writer coming to the show to write reviews – we’re very excited to have the esteemed writer David Couch writing for The Justin Wayne Show now.  Keep an eye on http://thejustinwayneshow.com for his debut writings and future column and all sorts.  He’s keen and rarin’ to go – and we’re pleased as punch to have him on.

Ta for now.  Here’s the shownotes!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 61 – Surfacing… Nearly Recharged

Song :: Album :: Artist/Weblink

  1. Good Enough :: Alexx Calise
  2. It’s Over It’s Over It’s Over :: Another City, Another Sorry :: The Answering Machine
  3. William :: Tear Ourselves Away :: LoveLikeFire
  4. Philanthropy :: Changing Things EP :: Roxy Rawson
  5. Birthday Wishes and Goodbye Kisses :: Belly Full of Brains  :: Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt
  6. Live Fast, Die Sticky (live) :: Can We Play in Your Garden? :: Uncle Meat and the Highway Children
  7. Shy :: Sixty Second Silence
  8. Gravitate :: Exit Silent Mode :: Megaphone
  9. Ocean Passage :: Projekt :: Projekt
  10. Sun Kissed Planet :: Sun-Kissed Planet :: Kakuzi
  11. 925 :: Forget About It :: A Tower Of Sheep
  12. Best Girl :: Definitely Alive :: Checking Pulse
  13. The Craft :: Primitai
  14. Curtain Call :: Dismantle the Sky :: Vaudeville
  15. London Town :: London Town EP :: Bad Whiskey
  16. In Love :: Freak :: Zach Prather
  17. Mrs. Cooper :: Brooklyn Session :: Jonah Smith
  18. Being Right :: Number 2 :: Trevor Larkin
  19. Small Potatoes (on a late night radio show) :: South of the River :: Robert Batley
  20. Take It To Dance (Acoustic) :: Pure Heroes EP :: Sierra Alpha
  21. Looking Back :: Spellbound Way :: Grant Dawson
  22. Art of Living :: Twilight :: Via Dove
  23. Fearless Vampire Killers :: Fearless Vampire Killers :: Fearless Vampire Killers
  24. Press Play :: From Another Planet :: Fundamental Skillz
  25. Black Rolling Thunder :: The Stone Foxes :: The Stone Foxes
  26. Ordinary Life :: The Stranger’s Dozen :: Special Patrol
  27. Threads :: S/T :: This Will Destroy You

Thanks again for a wonderful show.  Next week, don’t forget to catch us on Recharged Radio before you can get the podcast (but don’t worry, the podcast isn’t going away!)



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  1. lucas

    lovin the show. woo, kakuzi. cheers mate!