Episode 60: Martin Goddard of Sierra Alpha

Sep 17, 2009 by


sierraalpha1Martin Goddard from the fabulous Sierra Alpha joins us via satellite (does anyone say “via satellite anymore?) for a chat about their path into the limelight, how hard work pays off, and where they’re heading.  Also expect a few of their tracks.  A treat?  You bet.

We’ve also got a lot of stuff through the post and in the dropbox from friends made at the Surface Unsigned London Finals last weekend, and you’ll be hearing quite a few as we gear up for the big finals on the 26th and 27th of September.

As we near our first streaming broadcast on Recharged Radio we’re working on the format of the show.  Please let us know what you think by “adding comments” or just emailing us at thejustinwayneshow (at) gmail (dot) com.  Yeah, you’ve gotta type it in as I’ve been winning WAY too much money lately.

You win on this episode 60 with some really great tunes.  Here’s the list.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 60:  Martin Goddard of Sierra Alpha

Song :: Album :: Artist/weblink

  1. Apathy and Empathy :: Can We Play in Your Garden? :: Uncle Meat and the Highway Children
  2. Forget About It :: Forget About It :: A Tower Of Sheep
  3. Subway Man :: Belly Full of Brains :: Jesse Alejandro and The Big Fatt
  4. Lonely Too Long :: The Hired Guns :: The Sales Brothers
  5. Entertainer of the Year :: Vampire Hotel :: Chris Kirby
  6. Spinning Out :: Twilight :: Via Dove
  7. Behind the Shades :: From Another Planet :: Fundamental Skillz
  8. Liberation :: Werk :: Poach Stevens
  9. I Rock :: Moe Money McCoy :: Moe Money McCoy
  10. Midnight Whispers :: 33 :: 33Revolutions
  11. Box-Shaped Heart :: Celebrate Yourself :: Herring Bones
  12. Cinderella :: Half Past Always
  13. INTERVIEW >> Superhero :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha
  14. Take It To Dance :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha
  15. World Machine :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha
  16. Keep on Wishing Master :: David Goo
  17. Long Way Down :: … and I am the song of the drunkards :: Justin Jones & The Driving Rain
  18. Shining Morning :: Gustav Magnusson :: Gustav Magnusson
  19. Puppies n’ Kittens :: Sam Squared
  20. Fifteen Sixteen :: The Apple War :: The Apple War
  21. The Narrator :: Fun Trick Noisemaker :: Lights Out Dancing

Next week we’ve got some special Skeletons with Flesh on Them stuff happening, so come on back for that!

Have an absolutely fabulous week!  Take care, drive safe (or ride the bus safe, in my case…)