Episode 59: Alexx Calise

Sep 10, 2009 by


Alexx Calise is along with us today for a great interview from the sunny skies (slightly blotched by smog) and flowing fields (sliced up by housing developments and roads) of Los Angeles.  She reminds us that it’s still possible to make it in the music industry and echos some of what Trevor Larkin mentioned last week:  a musician nowadays needs to be a multi-faceted person.  Join us for that at the top of  the second hour.

The first hour is filled with great new tracks, some shiny re-spins, and the warm, welcoming voice of Jober.  It’s always great to have our web editor on the show.  We’ve also got a growing e-mail bag so we’ll read from there, post Jason’s video (remember him from episode 10?) where he tries to skim some water on his snowboard (notice I said, “tries”.)

And, as I judged the Surface Unsigned London Finals this past weekend I’ll speak about that experience as tracks start rolling in from the artists I met there.  Links to the artists are below along with a few other links including the Surface Unsigned Website (finals are 26th adn 27th at the O2 Indigo in London) and extra Alexx Calise links.  Enjoy!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 59: Alexx Calise

  1. The Southern Ocean :: Everybody Come Outside :: Pomegranates
  2. January Blues :: Single :: The Lights
  3. Day Job :: Vampire Hotel :: Chris Kirby
  4. Dont be a Dick :: David Goo
  5. I Won’t Leave You Here :: Number 2 :: Trevor Larkin
  6. Love Gets Lost :: Lights On :: Jonah Smith
  7. Squinting Towards the Light :: All the Other Animals :: Skeletons with Flesh on Them
  8. What God Meant :: J*E*S*P*A E.P. :: J*E*S*P*A
  9. Riddle it :: Changing Things EP :: Roxy Rawson
  10. Lovesick :: Deb Felz
  11. William :: Tear Ourselves Away :: LoveLikeFire :: Heist or Hit Records
  12. Young :: Revolutions :: Brave Citizens
  13. One More Smile :: Sixty Second Silence
  14. INTERVIEW->> Pull It (Bullet) :: Morning Pill :: Alexx Calise
  15. Good Enough :: Alexx Calise
  16. Soho Sophisticated :: 50ft Woman
  17. Obviously Cold :: Another City, Another Sorry :: The Answering Machine
  18. Save Me Jaime :: Dire Days EP :: Disaster March
  19. Kill The Lights :: This Is…The Jakes :: The Jakes
  20. Could Get Better :: Garrison Frost :: Garrison Frost
  21. Keep It All In :: Dayjob Believer :: The Obligations
  22. Latent Anxiety :: Reaction :: Latent Anxiety
  23. Animal – S.O.B. – EletriKa

Other:    Surface Unsigned Website



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