Episode 58: Trevor Larkin

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trevorsoundboardAlong with Trevor Larkin, a big JW Show announcement, and some fantastic new tunes we jump into episode 58 of The Justin Wayne Show.  We’ll talk more about the announcement in the notes next week but make sure you listen this week to find out what it is, as well as to hear the fabulous interview we did with singer, songwriter, and independent music guru Trevor Larkin. 

He provided us some great advice about the digital music industry, some insights into what we have to look forward to and what we may have left behind as well as tracks from his upcoming acoustic album, “Number 2” as well as talk about a full-band, electric album which is all very exciting. 

What else is on the show?  Here ya go…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 58: Trevor Larkin

Song :: Album :: Artist

  1. Demo #2 :: Demo for 2009 Album :: Lights Out Dancing
  2. Londontown :: Stack Of Fears :: Brenn
  3. Stand In Your Shoes :: Tear Ourselves Away :: LoveLikeFire  :: Heist or Hit Records
  4. Right Down to Me :: Concrete Class :: The Lonely H
  5. Captain :: Double or Quits :: Twelve Titans
  6. Teen Idol :: Night Bus or Milk Train :: The Scratch
  7. White Light :: Dismantle the Sky :: Vaudeville
  8. Write it Down :: Exit Silent Mode :: Megaphone
  9. Dance Along With Me :: Gustav Magnusson :: Gustav Magnusson
  10. January Blues :: Single :: The Lights <<- Correction from the show, new single out Nov. 2 on Crash Records
  11. Senior Kegger :: Have Another :: The Clintons
  12. Flight Across the Charles :: Nothing Broken Nothing Damaged :: Bad Dream Good Breakfast
  13. I Won’t Go :: Number 1 :: Trevor Larkin
  14. Interview with Trevor Larkin :: Myspace :: Facebook
  15. You Think It’s In Vain :: Number 2 :: Trevor Larkin
  16. Don’t Jump :: Number 2 :: Trevor Larkin
  17. Come Clean :: Vampire Hotel :: Chris Kirby
  18. Love U like a train :: The Art of Not Blending In :: Burnshee Thornside
  19. Elephant Juice :: Karl Culley
  20. Seven (acoustic) :: Sun J :: J Minus
  21. Home is Where the Heart Is :: Nothin’ Better Than This :: Brother Dan Palmer
  22. Bonus LOD Track :: Demos for 2009 Album :: Lights Out Dancing

Other Links…  http://rechargedradio.com, http://chicagoacoustic.net

That’s it for this week!  Enjoy, good luck, and have a good one.  See you next week.



  1. Thanks a lot for playing our music! We really appreciate being played on a show that plays so much GOOD independent music. Keep up the good work, and thank you again.
    Paul Smith

  2. you just almost made me spit my coffee with “I think I need a piece of toast.”

    I don’t know why this struck me as so funny!

    Great show!


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