Episode 56: Webmaster

Aug 20, 2009 by


This week… Two new ones from Equal Vision Records, two from new-to-the-show Gavin Castleton, and an exclusive Lights Out Dancing demo from their time spent in the studio. Jason’s with us for a bit talking about the new website and the show’s getting longer – more music for YOU.

No LOD interview yet though, look for that next week. Perhaps even in the form of a special…? We’ll see.

Our shout out for comments was about “who was weird in college” or “were people weird in college on purpose to have something to talk about later?” I was weird in college. More on that next week.

Please let us know what you think of the new website! Have a click around and see if you can find any broken links or anything like that. I’ll send you something if you find something good (well, bad really.)

That’s it for now… and now the playlist!


The Justin Wayne Show Episode 56 – Webmaster

Song :: Album :: Artist :: Link

  1. Coffeelocks :: Home :: Gavin Castleton :: www.gavincastleton.com
  2. Lartigue :: In Search Of Seas :: Casey Shea :: www.myspace.com/caseyshea
  3. 3,000 Lines of Defense :: Anthems of a Mended Heart :: Geri X :: www.gerixmusic.com
  4. EXCLUSIVE!  Lights Out Dancing NEW Demo :: www.myspace.com/lightsoutdancing
  5. El Radio :: Steel To Dust :: Anchor Down :: www.myspace.com/anchordownportland
  6. Hey Now Now :: Death And Texas LP :: Chris Huff :: www.huffmusic.com
  7. White Diamonds :: Wilderness :: Josh Mease :: www.joshmease.com
  8. belong to you :: J*E*S*P*A E.P. :: J*E*S*P*A :: www.myspace.com/jespamusic
  9. Mother Night :: Jake Jantzer feat. Jackson Lee :: www.myspace.com/jakejantzer
  10. Out Of The Way :: My Side Hurts :: John Mclellan :: www.clintonsband.com
  11. Lil Miss Perfect :: Not Fighters :: The Clintons :: www.clintonsband.com
  12. New Sensation :: New Sensation :: This Time Next Year :: www.thistimenextyearca.com
  13. People Say :: The Satanic Satanist :: Portugal. The Man :: www.portugaltheman.net
  14. So True :: Share :: Junebug :: www.myspace.com/junebugx
  15. Lie To Me :: … and I am the song of the drunkards :: Justin Jones & The Driving Rain :: www.justin-jones.com
  16. Stampete :: Home :: Gavin Castleton :: www.gavincastleton.com
  17. Zombie Factory :: EletriKa :: www.myspace.com/eletrika

Have a great week!  We’ll talk more next week about where the show’s going and get you to weigh in on the particulars.  Let us know now what you think about the show getting longer!


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  1. hey justin, love the show and thanks for your kind words and, of course, for playing our song

    all the best