Episode 55: Oldies AND Goodies

Aug 13, 2009 by


Hey y’all, we’re giving the new posting software a try so hold your breath!

(If something strange comes out, bear with us we’ll fix it.)

The show this week contains a bunch of Justin Wayne Show classics and some fantastic new stuff.  Check out the double shot of Duwende, they’re FAB!

Also, if you’re here to get the info for Brother Dan Palmer’s Heathcare Fund, or The Brotherhood for Brother Dan send an email to this address:


Or you can head to www.brotherdanpalmer.com and get hooked up with his people through his website.

And we’ve got some great classic double shots (no, you’re not listening to KQRS…)

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 55 – Oldies AND Goodies

song :: album :: artist :: website

  1. My Baby :: The Hired Guns :: The Sales Brothers :: www.myspace.com/thesalesbrothers
  2. Hold My Hand :: Natasha Davies :: www.natashadavies.co.uk
  3. Technicolor Rainbows :: Nothin’ Better Than This :: Brother Dan Palmer :: www.brotherdanpalmer.com
  4. Electrify :: Collective :: Duwende :: www.duwende.com
  5. Someone You Don’t Know :: Collective :: Duwende :: www.duwende.com
  6. Alarm Bell City :: Alarm Bell City :: The Apple War :: www.myspace.com/theapplewar
  7. My Next Obsession (Live) :: Studio/Live :: Nerys Joseph :: www.myspace.com/nerysjosephmusic
  8. Paris :: Oh, Beatrice :: Tacks, The Boy Disaster :: www.tackstheboydisacter.com
  9. Bein’ in Love :: The Fish Don’t Mind :: Skeletons With Flesh On Them :: www.myspace.com/skeletonswithfleshonthem
  10. Lost and Found :: Dizzy American :: Ryan Rebo :: www.myspace.com/ryanrebo
  11. Seattle Winter Day :: Trevor Larkin :: www.myspace.com/trevorlarkin
  12. The Giver :: So Begins The Test Of A Man :: Small Towns Burn A Little Slower :: www.myspace.com/smalltowns
  13. Cuttin a Rug :: Handshake Smiles :: Arthur Yoria
    I’ll Pretend :: Ill Be Here Awake :: Arthur Yoria :: www.arthuryoria.com
  14. I Can Feel It :: Oh The Places You’ll Go :: Lights Out Dancing :: www.myspace.com/lightsoutdancing
  15. The Player :: Here’s Some Music :: Jake Rowan :: www.jakerowan.com

Cross your fingers (for the summer… that reminds me, gotta play some Cinematic Sunrise next show…) for the new posting software!