Episode 49: Special Special

Jun 19, 2009 by


There’s some great tracks on this episode and some special ones too.

But… before I get any further I want to thank my new friend Colin and the Ouroboros Podcast. He spent a bunch of time plugging the JW Show on his, so go have a visit with Colin if you’re interested in hearing not only some more great music, but his insights into independent music videos AND all sorts of other geo-political things going on including cycle racing! If you were at the Mongolian Barbecue he’d be a “highly recommended” sauce.

I also want to tell you about one of the special track that we have this week. Coming to us from Perseverance Records is the R&B stylings of The Sales Brothers. This appropriately titled record, Hired Guns, marks the first of the brothers’ own recordings – back in 1978. (“Whoa! That’s like 30 years ago!” Just wait…

These two brothers were one of the most solid rhythm sections (drums and bass) in the industry back in the 70s. Playing with the likes of Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and many more. When it came to be their time they decided to play their true love, R&B. After producing this great record some 30 years ago, on the eve of taking over for the Blues Brothers on Saturday Night Live – a ticket to stardom – Tony had a near fatal car crash and ended up in a coma. Luckliy he survived the coma and recovery, but the tapes from the album ended up in the back of a closet not to be unearthed for 30 years. Until now…

Robin Esterhammer, CEO of Perseverace Records sent me the link to The Sales Brothers amid a few other film soundtracks and as l listened to the great music I read this story. Amazed and moved by both the music and the story I put them on for you. I truly hope you enjoy it and if you get a chance, slide on over to http://www.myspace.com/thesalesbrothers and have a listen for yourself. If you sign up for the newsletter, they send you a free track! How great is that?

As for the rest of the playlist – it’s packed with good stuff. Enjoy!

We’re switching to releasing the shows on Tuesday… I’ll talk more about that on, well… on Tuesday!

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 49: Special Special

S.O.S. :: An Ocean in the Air :: LoveLikeFire

World Machine :: Superhero :: Sierra Alpha

Shoot to Kill :: Vibe Recordings Studios :: The 66

Art of Living :: Twilight :: Via Dove

Hey Man :: Stranger in Nowhere Land :: Alex Apodaca

Dont Be Silly Joe :: The Ruskins :: The Ruskins

Diggin’ a Hole :: Concrete Class :: The Lonely H

Someone’s Gonna Lose :: The Hired Guns :: The Sales Brothers

I Want To Be A Dancer :: Cloud Sounds Records Double A Side :: Onions
www.myspace.com/onionstheband OR www.cloudsounds.co.uk

Violence :: How Did it Get to This? :: We Rock Like Girls Don’t

An Immediate Loss Of Air :: Replace, Rewire :: Wellness

Pollinating Toes :: Big Black Hole And The Little Baby Star :: Sean Hayes

Giggle :: Natasha Davies

When I Am Gone :: Falls EP :: Sparrow House

jackson pollock :: The Pin-Up Girls

No Shows In April :: The Library EP :: Robots & Butterflies

Daydream :: Daydream :: Robin Stine

Have a good week! See you on Tuesday…