Episode 42: Star Trek Catchup

Apr 18, 2009 by

While I’m catching up in my Star Trek films (I’m up to film ST6…) here’s some music for you to consume. We’ve been getting a lot of new music lately so keep an eye out for it coming down the JW Show music pipeline in the next few weeks.

Not much else to say except that there’s lots going on behind the scenes. Wanna support us? Tell a friend about the show. Get them to subscribe. Just get them to listen. Encourage a friend to submit their music to the show. Or just plain listen yourself. I appreciate any and all of it.

Here’s the playlist…

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 42: Star Trek Catchup
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Just Don’t Know :: Hair :: The Lonely H
Lie Berry :: Charlz Newman :: Charlz Newman
Poet (Who Didn’t Know It) :: Share :: Junebug
Alarm Bell City :: Alarm Bell City :: The Apple War
The Same Place :: Double A Side: You Got To Tell Me/The Same Place :: Modern Cliches
Fool Me Once, Strike One, Fool Me Twice, Strike Three :: Shooter’s Gonna Choke :: Rosematter
The Sounding :: Meet You At The Monolith :: The Monolith
(Strictly) Only Swinging :: 50ft Woman
Pretty You :: The Way We Play :: Dropout Year
Weight of the World :: Ulysses :: Goh Nakamura
Seattle Winter Day :: Trevor Larkin
EraseHer :: Later Days :: Asthmaboy
Out Of Reach :: Alameda :: Alameda
Can Feel It :: Oh The Places You’ll Go :: Lights Out Dancing
Pulling A Piano From A Pond :: A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record :: Cinematic Sunrise
Owned Again :: The Immortal Deadbeats EP :: Mountain Mirrors
Have a great week! See you on Sunday.