Episode 41: Forty-First

Apr 13, 2009 by


There’s lots of new music rolling in. It is the season of the new release, after all: Springtime. The time when bands gear up to hit the road, or they’ve already left and they’ll be back mid-summer to record. So many, and many new bands and artists are finding the show. If you’re interested in hearing some fresh stuff on the Show the next few weeks are going to be fantastic.

We have also begun doing reviews. You can see the review of Ryan Rebo’s Dizzy American below this playlist and it’ll be followed by more. If you are an artist looking to get some feedback or some critism of your work and perhaps feel like getting it played on the Show as well, send it along. There’s a nice, new submitting section in the sidebar to the right. Scroll down a bit, you’ll see.

We have also added a bunch more subscription functions in the sidebar. Unsure what to do to subscribe? Worry about paying for it? It’s FREE, first of all. And second, if you click on the top one that says “Subscribe FREE in ANY reader” the following page will give you many more options than the ones that show up on this page.

Standout track this week comes from Sam Squared. Their new album Second Power is about to drop and because they’re the best guys in the world they sent me a few songs. I’ll be playing them in the next few weeks including this week with “Cloud Drifter.” If you play it and rewind and play it again, I’ll look the other way.

How about the rest of the playlist?

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 41: Forty First

Run in the Front :: Small Steps Heavy Hooves :: Dear and the Headlights

Scene of the Crime :: Dynamite In Black & White :: Hot Little Hands

Cloud Drifter :: Second Power :: Sam Squared

Neon :: The Fish Don’t Mind :: Skeletons With Flesh On Them

Cracks :: Dizzy American :: Ryan Rebo

Your Blue Eyes :: Twilight :: Via Dove

Liberation :: WERK :: Poach Stevens

Hades & Demeter :: From Words To Motion :: Kill Your Ex

Whatcha Gonna Say :: This Is…The Jakes :: The Jakes

This Notebook :: The Way We Play :: Dropout Year

San Francisco :: This World Fair :: This World Fair

The Blacksmith :: of wounds and blessings… :: Now And Forever

Frozen Feet :: Oh, Beatrice :: Tacks, The Boy Disaster

I Just Want to Watch You Want to See Me Naked :: Dirty, Dirtier, Dirtiest :: The Dirty T’s

Help! Theres A Con Artist Under My Bed! :: So Begins The Test Of A Man :: Small Towns Burn A Little Slower

More new music coming in episode 42! See you then.