Episode 40: New Intro-versary!

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(For some reason that’s my greeting this week. L-A-M-E, I know.)

What’s not lame is our FAB new intro with special thanks to DC Corey and his wonderful, warm, northern (English) voice. Also, the band Liquor Boxx provided the slammin’ backing track and we’re in business! You may be hearing a few different generations, permutations, and perhaps other shuns of that intro in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that!

Speaking of staying tuned, this week debuts the commitment to posting one show per week, every week. Depending on where you are in the world, from now on, a new Justin Wayne Show will be able to be downloaded between Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon. Every week. If for some reason I won’t be “in” on a particular week I’ll let you know in advance. This is my way of saying, ‘thanks’ to all my chums that have been regular listeners over the past 15 months.

I have also cut down the size of each show, compressing them a bit more than we have been. This is to increase subscribership even more with quicker, streamlined download times without much of a difference at all in quality. If you sense the audio quality of the show sliding downhill, get in touch! thejustinwayneshow@gmail.com

And speaking of subscribers, have you subscribed, or do you just listen in the browser? As subscriptions make listening SOOOO much easier – and it’s FREE – why don’t you join? I’ve posted some more specific subscription links in the sidebar on the right. Try one! See what happens. Don’t know what subscribing to a podcast means? I explain it (with the help of Google) here: link to goofy podcast subscription video.

Stay tuned (yes, I know I said it already) for the coming thejustinwayneshow.com website which will include album reviews and hopefully some interactive chat and such things like this. Perhaps even a place for bands to post their free tracks. That would be cool! Any ideas about the new website again, get in touch thejustinwayneshow@gmail.com

Well… it’s time for the playlist. Thanks again to Alana of Refugee Entertainment for hooking us up with the new intro!

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 40: New Intro-versary!
Samantha Fox :: To The Face :: Liquor Boxx
S.O.S. :: An Ocean in the Air :: LoveLikeFire
Good Morning Sunshine :: Oh The Places You’ll Go :: Lights Out Dancing
Lighting the Sky for You :: Lights Out Dancing
Stars in the Water :: Eggbox :: Lizzyspit
Out Of The Way :: My Side Hurts :: John Mclellan
Not A Liar :: Here’s Some Music :: Jake Rowan
Elevator, Battle, Distance :: Viceroy :: Mark David Ashworth
Waltz For The Broken Hearted :: Guinevere :: Jeff Wahl
I’m Gonna Roam Again :: Canada Needs You, Vol. 2 :: Mike Ford
Outlaw :: Jointpop
Hold My Hand :: Natasha Davies
Evolution of The Blood Star :: Evolution of the Blood Star :: Norine Braun
Siren :: EP :: Nerys Joseph
Vagrancy :: The Library EP :: Robots & Butterflies
Word up. Cheers, y’all!

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  1. Norine BRaun

    Thanks for playing me on your show. The right link is