Episode 39: Giggling

Mar 22, 2009 by


I’m gigging, you’re giggling… if we weren’t giggling we’d be so upset we’d be screaming and crying. So let’s giggle, a little. (Yes, I’ve had a bad week.)

Yes, the sentiment (not all the words, however) from a featured song this week, Giggle by Natasha Davies. We saw her a few weeks ago at the Regal Rooms in Hammersmith and were blown away from the 1/4 song she played as her sound check (yes, were the lame ones there way too early…) all the way through the gig. She’s gonna blow up sooner or later, but listen to her now on the show.

We’ve got lots more tunes on the show this week including stuff from Manilla PR and Refugee Entertainmant out of Chicago. I’m flogging them for a chance to use one of their artist’s songs as a new “top of the hour” jingle for the show. I love the guitar we have now, but I think it’s time for a change (like it might be time to change my boxers…)

I also received a care package from my podcasting uncle from the north Ted of Cloud Sounds. Visit him. He’s great. He sent me a few CDs – one of which is a compillation he put out with his podcast. It’s fab. Go buy it for 5 pounds at his website. He’ll even send it internationally.

AND… (I have lots to say this week….) Bobby Scotch is nearly ready to launch his podcast. I’ve heard sneek peeks and it’s AMAZING! Keep an eye on this website to find out when it goes up: http://bobbyscotch.com/

Enough jibba jabba! The playlist…!

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 39: Giggling

Ask Me to Stop :: To the Face :: Liquor Boxx
Never Was A Lesson Learned (Remember Me) :: Steel To Dust EP :: Anchor Down
Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot with a Monkey Face) :: Bone Palace Ballet :: Chiodos
Crossing Our Fingers For The Summer :: A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record [EP] :: Cinematic Sunrise
Giggle :: Natasha Davies
Fits of Tears :: Studio/Live :: Nerys Joseph
Wish You Dead :: An Ocean in the Air :: LoveLikeFire
Space Real Estate :: Lazy Atoms EP :: Broadband Shortwave
Lost and Found :: Dizzy American :: Ryan Rebo
Elephant Juice :: Karl Culley
Meant For You :: The Nashville Sessions :: Brother Dan Palmer
This Love :: Twilight :: Via Dove
Life and the Girl :: Oh The Places You’ll Go :: Lights Out Dancing
DON’T :: Sam Squared
Violence :: How Did It Get To This? :: We Rock Like Girls Don’t
Get It On 4:40 Dirty, Dirtier, Dirtiest The Dirty T’s
Soho Sophisticated :: 50ft Woman
Great show! Thanks to everyone.

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  1. Maggie

    Hi Justin, I hope your week is going better. I don’t normally post comments, but I wanted to say I really liked Natasha Davies too. Absolutely adorable.