Episode 38: Birthday Best Revealed

Mar 8, 2009 by


Yo. We back. The Birthday Best is back. Kinda.

This show is all about the songs that should have, could have, but didn’t make the Top 20 this year. The show’s got LOTS of good music to play, so it’s not a shocker that we had lots to add to this “honorably mentioned” show.

Wanna hear the top 20 songs? Scroll down in the sidebar to the “Audio Vault” or click here (there’s a listen link on this): Birthday Best Blog Entry

Here’s all the honourably mentinoed tunes including a special Bobby Scotch appearance of The Spot. Thanks goodness he’s back!

The Justin Wayne Show – Episode 38: Birthday Best Revealed

Killers/Saints :: The Globes E.P. :: The Globes
Kill The Lights :: This Is…The Jakes :: The Jakes
Ice Plant :: Be Polite Be Professional :: Hundred Years War
Liberation :: Werk :: Poach Stevens
Bots :: The Future’s Looking Grim :: Yea Big + Kid Static
Let Me Tell You :: LockNess :: Illnature Collective
Still The Kids ft. Trainspotters (Phunk2 Remix) :: My Best Friend Is My Grind :: Academics
Decadence Is Freedom With A Smile :: Shooter’s Gonna Choke :: Rosematter
Eggs :: Viceroy :: Mark David Ashworth
Alone in a Crowd :: Mountain Mirrors :: Mountain Mirrors
Joe C (is an idiot) :: Angels Are Ace :: Stuffy and the Fuses
Salvation (Live) :: Studio/Live EP :: Nerys Joseph
When I Am Gone :: Falls EP :: Sparrow House
No Shows In April :The Library EP :: Robots & Butterflies
Guinevere :: Guinevere :: Jeff Wahl
Cheers very much! Have a great week!