Episode 31: New Tunes… Manilla PR

Dec 23, 2008 by

Hey there!

It’s almost Christmas so I thought I’d gift you with another episode of the show for those long journeys you have ahead of you – over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house. I was reminiscing about crossing both sets of train tracks, left at the bank and to my Grandma’s house as we used to do, arriving to hugs and the smell of poultry cooking in the oven. Great memories.

This new episode contains a bunch of new tunes that haven’t graced a JW Show yet thanks to the likes of Love Like Fire, Zen Thesis, and the UK PR group Manilla PR. Gemma, Tony, Denise, and the gang over there have been sending me tunes upon tunes and I’ve put some of them on the show this week. I’ve got more, so look forward to hearing new music from them into the new year and beyond. They’ve got quite the roster.

I do hope you enjoy your holiday and perhaps I’ll get to come along with you via mp3 player to your grandma’s. Give her a hug from me, if the mood strikes.

Merry, merry… everything. See you in the new year.

The Justin Wayne Show – Episode 31: Merry Merry… Manilla PR

Home is Where the Heart is :: Brother Dan Palmer :: Nothing Better Than This
One More Day :: Zen Thesis :: Flight of Foreverman
Drama Queen :: Karim Fanous :: Drama Queen/Superbug Double A Sidehttp://www.karimfanous.com/
Against The Grain :: The Scratch :: Against The Grain (Single)
San Francisco :: This World Fair :: This World Fair
Time after Time :: Tensheds :: Clockwork
Unlighted Shadow :: Love Like Fire :: An Ocean in the Air
You Better Believe It :: Ok Tokyo :: Ok Tokyo
Your Disciples :: Nerys Joseph :: Nerys Joseph
Don’t Fade Away :: Dear Juliet :: Dear Juliet
Stars in the Water :: Lizzyspit :: Double A Side
Nurse! Nurse! :: Nephu Huzzband :: Single
I Dremt A Metal Hat :: The Beep Seals :: Things That Roar
Flipside :: Goh Nakamura :: Ulysses