Episode 30: New Lights Out Dancing

Dec 2, 2008 by


Hey! Brand new one from those crazy kids Lights Out Dancing. Hear it here on the show first (if you haven’t heard it first on their myspace page: www.myspace.com/lightsoutdancing)

Also I may have an appearance set up for the wonderful podcast radio show Cloud Sounds! More on that next week, but keep listening to Ted’s wonderful podcast at http://www.cloudsounds.co.uk/

And what a milestone! Thirty episodes! I only dreamed we’d get this far. I’m ready for the next thirty as we continue to widen our listenerbase, inform those “flashing twelves” about podcasts and get this music out there to the people, where it belongs. What a great day.

Here’s the show…

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 30: New Lights Out Dancing

Happy Hallow’een :: Die So Fluid :: Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending
Scene of the Crime :: Hot Little Hands :: Dynamite in Black and White
Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die :: Four Year Strong :: Rise or Die Trying
Hades and Demeter :: Kill Your Ex :: From Words to Motion
Crossin’ Fingers :: Kid Dakota :: So Pretty
The Glower :: The Globes :: The Globes EP
Thrift Store Owner :: The Barmitzvah Brothers :: An Album of Under Appreciated Job Songs
Untitled (go vote!) :: Lights Out Dancing :: Acoustic
My Always :: Briar Rose :: Briar Rose
Over :: Dave Gielan :: Idea Lab
Talk About :: Dear and the Headlights :: Drunk Like Bible Times
Out and In, In and Out :: Portugal. The Man :: Censored Colors