Episode 28: Entre Dans Explicit

Nov 16, 2008 by


Do you like my bad french?

It’s an explicit show! Bobby Scotch went a bit crazy with the hip hop songs and I didn’t have the heart to bleeep them out.

…right after I posted the show I broke the chair I was sitting on (time for a new chair… or a diet!) the laptop hit the floor and hasn’t turned back on successfully yet. Keep your fingers crossed, but I think I killed it. I feel a bit like Cameron Fry on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off after the car flies out of the window…

May we all have a moment of silence for my computer… or tears.

Hope for the best!

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 28: Entre Dans Explicit

Sarah Rose :: Goh Nakamura :: Ulysses
Meth is the New America :: Small Towns Burn a Little Slower :: So Begins the Test of a Man
Cravin’ Ravin :: Charlz Newman :: Charlz Newman
The Truth :: Jake One :: White Van Music
Yesterday :: Atmosphere :: When Life Give You Lemons, You Paint that Shit Gold
Veteran :: Doomtree :: False Hopes
Library Page :: The Barmitzvah Brothers :: Let’s Express Our Motives; An Album of Underappreciated Job Songs
Call Me :: Arthur Yoria :: I’ll Be Here Awake
Salvation :: Nerys Joseph :: Live
Guinevere :: Jeff Wahl :: Guitarscapes
If Love Finds Me :: John Williams :: Dusty Porch
Alone in a Crowd :: Mountain Mirrors :: Mountain Mirrors
Worth Takin’ :: Rob Blackledge :: Rob Blackledge
YES! Sorry about the wait with that show. Hope you’re well!

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  1. Wayne

    atmosphere sells out first ave nov 18 the same night LOD packs coffman union all is right in MN.