Episode 27: Piano Songs

Oct 28, 2008 by


Hiya! <==favorite new London greeting Yes, this week’s episode contains quite a few artists featuring the 88 key monster, the piano! (or keyboards… organs… glockenspiels…) Say, “hello,” to my new friend Nerys Joseph who’s got her first show on the song (or song on the show…?) this week. A great singer-songwriter from London you’re definitely going to be hearing more from her as the weeks go by. Check her out at www.myspace.com/nerysjosephmusic.

Lots of other great tunes on the show this week… got some exciting things coming up in the coming weeks. I’ll give you a taste.

1st cool upcoming thing:
Bobby Scotch has been doing a bunch of legwork for The Spot and should be commended for getting permission to play a bunch of artists in the hip/hop realm including the support of a major independent (oxymoron, I know) label in Minneapolis, Rhymesayers Entertainment. If you don’t know them, or if you do and you’d like to say, “Hello,” click to: www.rhymesayers.com. Tell them Bobby Scotch from the Justin Wayne Show sent you.

If you are a hip/hop artist and would like to be featured on The Spot, shoot Bobby Scotch an email with mp3s or ask him for a mailing address. Click on his contact info in the sidebar, if you don’t see it scroll down a bit. He might tell you where he lives, if you’re of any interest to him. He’s a nice chap on a good day, so be nice and you might get on his good side.

His email: bobbyscotch@gmail.com

He really is a nice guy. Unless you mess with him. In fact, if you’re a normal person and just want to say, “Hello” and ask for Bobby’s address to come visit, he’d like that as well.

Yes, I’m in a punchy mood today.

2nd cool upcoming thing:
The subscription drive is upon us! Next week we’re going to kick off a two-month long subscription drive to up the number of subscribers for the show. For money? For fame? NO! We’re doing it to increase the appeal of the show in the eyes of artists. If you poured your heart and soul into an EP wouldn’t you feel better sending it to a podcast that had 50 subscribers instead of 20? How about 100? (The correct answers were both, “yes” if you were curious.)

We’ll talk more about goals, and what you can do to help next week. For now, check your own iTunes, Google, or other RSS viewer’s subscription to the show. If you’re not subscribed yet, click on the “subscribe in a reader” link in the top of the sidebar and SORT IT OUT! We need every subscription we can get. Subscribe twice! Email your friends and tell them about the fabulous independent music, interviews and fun times over here at the Justin Wayne Show.

Alrighty, you’ve been so patient! Here’s the playlist…

The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 27: Piano Songs
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Be Kind, Rewind :: Brier Rose :: Brier Rose

Let the Woman :: Let the Woman :: Andy Davis

My Next Obsession :: Nerys Joseph

The Hill :: Once :: Marketa Irglova

Count to Ten :: Count To Ten :: Tina Dico

Psycho Stepper :: Alarm Bell City :: The Apple War

WERK :: WERK :: Poach Stevens

True Lies :: MPLS Massacre :: Muja Messiah

Where You Are :: Nashville Session :: Brother Dan Palmer

Odds Are 3 to 1 :: Who Invited Roger :: The Clintons

Oh My Love :: An Invitation :: Inara George with Van Dyke Parks

I’ve done away with the bold and italics and fallen in love with the double colon (which are always fun, right?) I’m sure you can still discern which is the album title, band name, etc. If not, click on the link and learn more. That’s all for now!