Episode 26: Pacific Northwest Music – Part 1

Oct 13, 2008 by


Somehow I got flooded with music from the pacific northwest. Perhaps it’s because it rains a lot up that way this time of year, or perhaps it was due to the help of Ian and Nick of The Apple War. What a great bunch of guys. Go visit them at: www.myspace.com/theapplewar and see if they’ll give you some musical advice, too. Their band is pretty darn good, too. Pretty darn…

New bands…

The Globes
Brier Rose
H is for Hellgate

Go check them out on their pages… or on the show!


The Justin Wayne Show, Episode 26: Pacific Northwest Music
Play Show: Part 1
“Hide” The Globes E.P. The Globes

“Puppies n’ Kittens” Sam Squared

“Alarm Bell City” Alarm Bell City The Apple War

“Oh, Come On” Skeletons with Flesh on Them

“Down To The Puget Sound” Later Days Asthmaboy

“Young” Revolutions Brave Citizens

“Come With Me” Strange Day In Mexico The Clintons

“You! Me! Dancing!” Hold On Now, Youngster Los Campesinos!

“The Bee Hell” The Lions of Love Two-Minute Miracles
“I Thought I Was Much” Brier Rose Brier Rose

“Killers/Saints” The Globes E.P. The Globes

“Dusk At Devil’s Tower” Come For the Peaks, Stay For the Valleys H Is for Hellgate

“Head Spin” The Jamestown Story

“When I Am Gone” Falls EP Sparrow House
One more word.