Episode 24: Brother Dan Palmer – Part 1

Sep 23, 2008 by


Yes, this is the episode that we finally get a great interview with the man, Brother Dan Palmer! If you want to find him click to either of these links:


You can listen to both the uncut interview as well as just the broadcast interview down in the sidebar under “Interviews”.

Dan has been a prolific musician throughout his life (as you’ll hear in the interview) and went from classical guitar to vocal studies at University, then as a cover musician, onto directing music as the music pastor at a church, and now has moved into creating and promoting his own music – no more covers. A very interesting story has created some very interesting music and I encourage you to check him out.

The Justin Wayne Show – Episode 24: Brother Dan Palmer
Play Show: Part 1 Part 2
Just the Interview

“Shop” Onions Onions III

“One Step Away” Rob Blackledge A Step in the Dark

“Run in the Front” Dear and the Headlights Small Steps Heavy Hooves

“Maybe Dead at 27” Overview 44 Stone Tigers

“Fool Me Once, Strike One, Fool Me Twice, Strike Three” Rosematter Shooter’s Gonna Choke

“Scene of the Crime” Hot Little Hands Dynamite in Black and White

“Joe C (Is an Idiot)” Stuffy and the Fuses Angels are Ace

“Currents Convulsive” Pierce the Veil Flair of the Dramatic

Artist of the Week: Brother Dan Palmer
Listen to… Just the Interview

“Meant For You” Brother Dan Palmer The Nashville Sessions

“Time Keeps Ticking Away” Brother Dan Palmer Nothin’ Better than This

Good show, good night. Thanks for listening! Thanks!