Episode 15: For William Panos

May 26, 2008 by


Back on track. Period. We’re moving forward fast now, so hang on.

This week’s show is dedicated to my late uncle William Panos. I wrote about him in the blog note a little ways down the page. You’ll find it if you scroll down or click here.

Along with that is some new music never before appearing on the show. Tensheds is a musical outfit out of the UK and he’s making some waves. I played it as Bob Dylan recently celebrated his 67th birthday and as Tensheds is in the same relative sound family, I thought it would be a fitting weekend to kick off playing some of his stuff. An award-winning songwriter he’s also a very personable guy. Find him at www.tensheds.com.

You’ll also hear the musical stylings of singer/songwriter Caleb Travers. An artist hailing from the St. Louis area (along with Via Dove who I’ll be interviewing on the show in a few weeks…) he embraces the alt-country genre with a personal color that’s very enjoyable. You’ll hear him on the show or you can check him out at www.myspace.com/calebtravers OR head to his quaint demo site and tell him what you think of the new stuff he’s writing at www.myspace.com/calebtraversdemos

One more mention for the show. It’s amazing what foosball can do to one’s life, even someone in the music industry. Chris Gummenson heads up a band called Vaudeville and his father, a faithful member of the (not so) secret society of foosers rallied his troops and brought a quite a few to a battle of the bands where Vaudeville was playing. The grand prize was on the line – a recording deal including the producer/engineer who has recorded with The Gin Blossoms. Wouldn’t you know it, with a great wave of foosball support, a rousing live show, and some great tunes the band won the deal and they’ll be recording their new demo very soon. Hear their first EP this week on the show.

As for myself… doing tons and tons of wedding planning. We’re getting married inside of four months (in August… don’t count it out for me, please…) and we’ve still got lots of work to do. We just registered ourselves at Target which was an undertaking but we’ve at least gotten that far. We’re past the wedding dress stage, the bridesmaids’ dresses, almost through the tuxes, got the venue locked in… we’re moving right along. And now to move you right along to the playlist for this week…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 15: For William Panos
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“Long Gone” Charlz Newman Charlz Newman

“Stain” For Cryin’ Out Loud Megaphone

“White Light” Vaudeville

“Time After Time” Save The Album Tensheds

“An Abbreviation” Later Days Asthmaboy

“Hot Sexy Girls” The Great Music Joe Sibol

“Wedding Day” Blue Weathered Dreams Caleb Travers & Big City Lights

“Fallen From the Sky” Once Glen Hansard Plateau Records

“Hold On” The Jamestown Story

“All In” The Library EP Robots & Butterflies

“Good Morning Sunshine” Oh The Places You’ll Go Lights Out Dancing

“Rx Drive” So Begins The Test Of A Man Small Towns Burn A Little Slower Dead Letter Records

“Doesn’t Matter” never heard’em coming… Oh Crap! Ninjas

“Racecar” Wake Up, Thunderbabe The Battle Royale

“Sharpen Up Those Fangs” These Are The Good Times People Presidents Of The United States Of America Cooking Vinyl Records

“This Love” Twilight Via Dove Might Be Time Records

Lovely week! Great to be back, see you next week!


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