Episode 13: The Swell Season

Apr 25, 2008 by


It’s a very special episode of the Show this week, thanks to a fabulous contribution from a fabulous movie. Have you seen “Once”? If you haven’t, you definitely should. It’s about a struggling musician in Dublin, Ireland trying to make it. He meets a girl who becomes his muse and many wonderful songs in sue. You’ll find a few of these songs contained in this weeks show as the Band of the Week. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova wrote and starred in this film and they have their own musical outfits too.

The Frames (at www.theframes.ie) is Glen’s project that has gone on for many years. He began his musical career as a street performer, or as the Europeans call it “Busking”, at the tender age of 13 and the rest has been a long, hard-working journey to where he is now.

Marketa joins him in his project called The Swell Season (at www.myspace.com/theswellseason) which is the touring group playing most of the songs from the movie. They’re playing Cochella on April 25th in California as well as many dates in the states. Head over to one of those sites and check them out, they’re a fabulous group with tunes that will have you falling in love with the next moderately attractive person that buys you a cup of tea.

Also, this episode contains the answer to which movie the quote, “Heroes get remembered, legends never die,” is from. Wasn’t that from Episode 8 or 9? Yeah, I think it was.

That quote is from the song leading off the show this week, so with a nifty little segue, let’s hit the playlist…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 13: The Swell Season
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“Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die” Rise or Die Trying Four Year Strong I Surrender Records

“Best Friends For Never” Best Friends For Never Dropout Year

“I’m Calming Down” Oh The Places You’ll Go Lights Out Dancing

“What Do You Get For the Man Who Has Nothing?” Happy Birthday The Burning Hell Weewark Records

“Risk” Camera Can’t Lie Camera Can’t Lie Ping Pong Music

“Run” The Romantic and the Realist You and Me BlueFug Music

Band of the Week
“Say It to Me” Glen Hansard Plateau/Overcoat
“When Your Mind’s Made Up” Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Plateau/Overcoat
Find them at:

“Room With a View” In the Red Tina Dico

“Pistol” Please Come Home Dustin Kensrue Equal Vision Records

“Technicolor Rainbows” Nothin’ Better Than This Brother Dan Palmer

“Took Me By Surprise” Rock This Moon Burnshee Thornside

“Cat In The Hat” Kinky The Clintons

“Money And Poison” Here’s Some Music Jake Rowan

“Out Of Reach” Alameda

“Pay No Mind” Alienated

Cheers, friends!