Episode 12: Dear Juliet

Apr 15, 2008 by


First off, I think I would look really sweet holding a Gibson Les Paul, orange sunburst, on stage somewhere with lots of lights shining on me. Lots of lights. And a really loud amp! Can you tell I’m jealous of some of these bands that are on tour?

As far as this week’s Band of the Week, he’s more of an acoustic guitar kind of guy. What kind of guitar is it Chase? A Martin? A Taylor? A Seagull?

Did you know that Seagulls are made in Canada? The acoustic guitar, I mean…

Anyway, Chase and his project Dear Juliet has been near the top of the American Unsigned Indie Band list on Myspace, denoting the most plays for one song. As this statistic is updated daily, it’s cool to see a band that has the broad listener ship to keep appearing up there. His PR guru Jeanette helped me out with a lot and was very personable, so you other podcasters head on over (and you listeners) to myspace.com/dearjuliet and check them out, get in touch, and support this wonderful project. The new album is being released called Goodbyes and Summer Skies on May 6th, but you can listen to some of the tracks before they come out.

Here’s the promised playlist! Have a great week!

Episode 12: Dear Juliet
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“Oh, Come On” Skeletons with Flesh on Them

“Organ Song” The Apple War

“Spell It In The Sky” Spell It In The Sky EP Now And Forever

“Losing You” Camera Can’t Lie Camera Can’t Lie Ping Pong Music

“Looking Around” Twilight Via Dove Might Be Time Records

“In Loving Memory” The Jamestown Story

Band of the Week: Dear Juliet
“Summer’s Song”

“Down To The Puget Sound” Later Days Asthmaboy

“Meth Is The New America” So Begins The Test Of A Man Small Towns Burn A Little Slower Dead Letter Records

“This Isn’t Working” Skies Alive

“Downstream” Four-Track Mind Phillip Flathead

“The Magic Heat” The Great Music Joe Sibol

“Doesn’t Matter” Never Heard’em Coming… Oh Crap! Ninjas

Thanks again for a great week! Send me more music!