Episode 11: Charlz Newman

Apr 8, 2008 by


Welcome back to Episode 11! As you may have heard, there’s a tune on this episode from the infamous (and wonderful) Presidents of the United States of America. I normally play just unsigned and hard-working bands but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play them and I hope you enjoy the song I chose.

As far as the personal things are concerned I’m still here in the parents’ basement keeping it as warm (and clean) as I can. I may be heading out on tour with the band on Saturday, but that only means the Show is going on the road and we’ll be doing it all from a different location. Who knows, maybe I’ll have the opportunity to have some fun people on the show that we run into, I just don’t know! A lot can happen between now and the next show so keep your eye on the blog and your iTunes downloading your episodes.

As for this episode…

The Justin Wayne Show – Episode 11: Charlz Newman
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The Band of the Week segment is back with a vengeance! I discovered this band on a pile of demos in the band’s practice space and as we were listening to them on our way home we threw this one in and were amazed. The album starts off strong, ends strong, and has a lot of great production and songwriting sewn in to tie everything together. Check them out on their myspace www.myspace.com/charlznewman or their website www.charlznewman.com.

Here’s the playlist…

“Song title” Album name Band name Record Label

“San Francisco” This World Fair This World Fair Ping Pong Music/Rethink Records

“Free Ride In A Cop Car” Strange Day In Mexico The Clintons

“Natural Love” Nothin’ Better Than This Brother Dan Palmer

“Spinning Out” Twilight Via Dove

“Count to Ten” Count To Ten Tina Dico

“Gepetto” Exclusively Talentmaker! Optiganally Yours Absolutely Kosher Records

Band of the Week!
“Cravin’ Raven” Charlz Newman Charlz Newman
“In The End” Charlz Newman Charlz Newman

“Young” Revolutions Brave Citizens

“Pistol” Please Come Home Dustin Kensrue Equal Vision Records

“Coolest Little Monster” Conquers The World Electric Frankenstein

“So Lo So Hi” These Are The Good Times People Presidents Of The United States Of America Cooking Vinyl Records

“Over now” Marginal Street Myles Cochran magnatune.com

“Mary Jo” A City Just as Tall Brazos Autobus Records

“Better Days” Dreadnaught Mountain Mirrors

Thanks again to everyone for a fabulous show. If you’ve got tunes you want heard on the show, or you know of a band that should be in the family, let us know! Shoot me an email, it’s in the sidebar!