Episode 101: Little London Fields and Paper Garden Records

Aug 4, 2010 by


Didn’t we say we were taking a break?!  Yeah, we did.  If you’re on holiday you’ll have some lovely shows to catch up on when you return.  For those of you faithful podcast and broadcast listeners… extra treats!

paper-garden-records-logo1First, we have Paper Garden Records founder Bryan Vaughn who’s brought along a bunch of tracks from his label and talks candidly about the new music industry, 360 deals, and what they do when they sign artists.  With their roster growing from 3 to 12 bands in the last year, Bryan’s got some weight in his words!

Also, we’ve got the Little London Fields Festival coming up on Saturday and to highlight the occasion Alex and Lawrence Daw – brothers and the organisers of the festival – join us to tell us all about it and give away a free set of BACKSTAGE PASSES!! They’re also giving away regular tickets to the show… all of them in fact… as the festival itself is FREE!littlelondonfields

(At the time of this writing the backstage passes are still up for grabs!  Comment on this post or email me jw <at> thejustinwayneshow.com to win!!)

Cool, huh?  I think so, so I’m gonna be heading down there with my journalist friends Candice Ashby (from ceashby.wordpress.com) and Kim Sklinar of NeverEnoughNotes.co.uk.   Yeah, I have cool friends, why don’t you come meet them in London Fields?  Give us an @justinwayneshow tweet and we’ll find you… I’ll either be listening to tunes or eating…

As for the show’s playlist…

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 101: Little London Fields and Paper Garden Records

  1. Name :: Album :: Artist
  2. Rook to King :: Western Theater :: Mighty Tiger :: (Paper Garden Records)
  3. The You, That You Could Use :: Let This Be The Last Night We Care :: Alcoholic Faith Mission :: (Paper Garden Records)
  4. Jumpstart My Rocket :: Modern Day Fairy Tales :: Junebug
  5. >> Interview with Bryan Vaughn, Founder of Paper Garden Records
  6. Dear Friend :: Listen :: Emanuel and The Fear :: (Paper Garden Records)
  7. Well Alright :: Shady Retreat :: Peasant :: (Paper Garden Records)
  8. Bad City :: Bad City 12″ :: SAADI :: (Paper Garden Records)
  9. Blackout :: Anna Calvi (Little London Fields Artist)
  10. Too Heavy To Stand Up ::  Delooze :: (Little London Fields Artist)
  11. 6174 :: Don’t Wait Animate :: (Little London Fields Artist)
  12. Ways To An End Master :: Mirrors :: (Little London Fields Artist)
  13. >> Interview with Alex Daw and Lawrence Daw, Organisers of The Little London Fields Festival
  14. Fake Blood :: The Preface :: Black Cherry :: (Little London Fields Artist)
  15. Sign of the Fish :: Mortimer :: IDRchitecture :: (Little London Fields Artist)
  16. Electric Shocks :: Robot Disaster :: (Little London Fields Artist)
  17. Rock The World with Special Guests :: Rock This World :: Yes King :: (Little London Fields Artist)

And join us next week – the last week before we TRULY go on a break and leave you with some archived shows – for interviews with Wayne Doyle of the Welsh hard-rock band V0ID and blues guitar extraordinaire Stephen Dale Petit!

See you then!