Episode 10: Snowboarding Accident

Apr 1, 2008 by


An interesting thing happened to me last week. As I’ve been spending a lot of time at my parents’ house here in Minnesota biding my time and finding things to do, I burned my Dad almost all of the shows on CD and sent them with him to his work. (Apparently, all the shows will burn onto any old CD-R aside from episodes 3 and 4. Episode 4 will fit on a nicer CD-R but episode 3 is too big for any. You’ll just have to enjoy that one on your computer or mp3 device. Sorry about that!)

The CDs began to make their way around the shop he works in, and low and behold I received a phone call the next day praising the show. Thus, I was introduced to Jason who enjoyed the fresh outlet of music which was all completely new to him. We talked some more (because I do like hearing praise, especially about the show) and I found out that he was a snowboarder and had tried to snowboard across one of those ditches full of water that we see all the time on ESPN. I had him tell the story on the show and you can hear it now if you listen to Episode 10.

As it is such a momentous occasion as we’ve reached a milestone in the Show’s life, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank some of the integral people to the Show as we know it today.

First, a special thanks to Ryan Flynn who does all of our imaging, TOTHs (top of the hour), and little stabs that keep a uniform and professional quality to the show. Thank you, Ryan for all your hard work.

A special thanks to my co-hosts Jason Ober and Bill Buckner. Both of you guys are great on the air and great to have associated with the show. All of your efforts on and off the mic are greatly appreciated by myself and our listeners. Thanks, guys.

And last, but not least, let me thank the encouraging presence of Jamie. Without you, darling, this show would have never gone anywhere. It would still be in my head and I’d have regrets for not going further with it. So, for that and for everything else you do great in my life, I love you and thank you.

And, of course, thanks to all the artists who have their music so boldly placed in the show.

Oh, and thank YOU for listening. Without listeners, we’d be talking and playing music at the wall, and how much fun is that, really?

And without further ado, here’s the playlist for this week.

The Justin Wayne Show Episode 10: Snowboarding “Accident”
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“Song title” Album name Band name Record Label

“Decadence Is Freedom With A Smile” Shooter’s Gonna Choke Rosematter

“You Better Believe It” OK Tokyo

“I Can Feel It” Oh The Places You’ll Go Lights Out Dancing

“Rx Drive” So Begins The Test Of A Man Small Towns Burn A Little Slower Dead Letter Records
www.myspace.com/smalltowns OR www.myspace.com/deadletterrecords

“Whatcha Gonna Say” This Is…The Jakes The Jakes

“Joe C (is an idiot)” angels are ace stuffy/the fuses

“Bein’ in Love” The Fish Don’t Mind Skeletons With Flesh On Them

“Head Spin” The Jamestown Story

“Run in the Front” Small Steps Heavy Hooves Dear and the Headlights Equal Vision Records

“P.S.A” I’ll Be Here Awake Arthur Yoria 5 Records

“Doesn’t Matter” Never Heard ‘Em Coming… Oh Crap! Ninjas

“Catch Me Jumping” The Silent Generation The Dimes

“Empires” Mander Sails The Snake The Cross The Crown

“So Sweet” Here’s Some Music Jake Rowan

“The Ballad Of Timothy Leary” Four-Track Mind Phillip Flathead

Episode 10 is out and we’re on to the next. Look forward to some more fresh music on episode 11!