EP Review: Junebug – Share

Mar 17, 2010 by

Junebug - ShareArtist: Junebug

Album: Share

Release Date: Summer 2009 (Out Now!)

Hailing from Minnesota Junebug are a 4 piece band who are, as far as I can tell made up of the same guy, seriously take a look at the photo below, I’m calling shenanigans!

However, the first track, “Spring Fever”, puts me in dark and melodious mood of that breed of alternative rock pertaining an up-beat cynicism that leads to the bohemian and low-fi style which defines Junebug’s sound.

“Poet (Who Didn’t Know It)”, the second song on the album (minus the instrumental intro) has a simple beat, driving the track with all the momentum of a classic, it’s a continuous, consistent smile that plays on the lips as it ends and leads into the far more harmonious albeit subdued title track “Share“. A pretty long song to have at the beginning of an album, “Share” is ambitious – some would say to have the attention of ones audience tested so early on – however, the momentum is maintained from start to finish and it works well and uses some classic indie style melodies.

Junebug, the band

The album has a simple but loveable feel, tracks like “Chosen Ones” and “Place” elevate it to some sort of higher plateau that is reserved for… well, for the good albums I suppose.

The songs, which are never shorter than 3 minutes are atmospheric to the 10th degree, each song bringing its own concept.  “Place”, the longest track on the album just shy of 8 minutes is the jewel in the crown that ties all the strings together giving “Share” the metaphorical bow with many strings.  Or, perhaps a spider in a web whichever analogy works best for you.  Either way you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with Share.